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Oracle named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) 2021 report

Looking to give your organisation a unified view of your customer?

Download The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2021 report to learn why we believe Oracle’s #DXP solution can help you make every interaction matter.

VIDEO: 5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Site Speed

Site speed has a price tag. Milliseconds could be costing you millions. And the slower your site is, the worse your conversion. Learn how to improve your site speed, performance, and Google score with some quick tips.

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VIDEO: The power of B2C connected data

The power of B2C connected data: Building customer relationships that go the distance.

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VIDEO: Spenda's Workflow Payments and Intent-to-Pay Framework

Workflow Payments bring the kind of flexibility that enables businesses of all sizes to better understand and predict their cash flow. They can visualise who they owe money to, who owes them money, and what cash resources they have available.

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11 marketing strategies (+how to execute them effectively)

Marketing is the foundation of how you communicate your value to potential customers and convert them. Developing an overarching marketing strategy is all about understanding who your customers are, how your product fits into the market, and where to reach the right people.

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Latest Podcasts

In this podcast, Jon Beros, Cofounder & CEO at Little Birdie  talks about how they embraced new business models and technologies that put the customer’s needs and wants at the center of their digital transformation strategy, and how comprehensive customer intelligence  will be key in driving long-term value for both their customers and their business.

  • The next big problem in Online Retail that drove Little Birdie to be the " new homepage of online shopping"
  • Customer data lead innovation :Optimising the experience for an intent driven customer
  • Race to digital: New business model & technologies retailers should evaluate

Tim Brown, co-founder and co-CEO of Allbirds, discusses why only bad retail—not all retail—is dying, how he navigates the unique position of having two chief executives at his company, and Allbirds' quest to achieve what has never been done before: run a billion-dollar business without leaving any carbon footprint behind.

Creator of multiple businesses that resulted in a combined exit value of $1billion – here we discuss the trends to look out for as the retail industry continues to thrive beyond the covid recovery effort, and some advice for anyone wanting to start up a new ecommerce business.

Hear from Australia Post General Manager of Business, Nick Antonopoulos chatting with owner of The Scent Lab, Adam Kerrins on his small business journey through the pandemic and how Australia Post supported his business to adapt and grow online. 

If you don't know your customers, you can't give them what they want. That's what this Naughty by nurture podcast is all about. That and the weird and wonderful people we've met across the ecosystem. So if you want to spice up your customer marketing, join us for cheeky puns, rich editorial content, data insights and fresh creative. Our podcast series is jam-packed with personality it'll add some extra zing to your customers' experiences.

Hear from Australia Post General Manager of Data Science, Silvio Giorgio how Australia Post has used their rich data to develop five actionable recommendations to help retailers improve first time delivery rates, lift customer satisfaction, reduce contacts and ultimately improve the overall customer experience.

5 marketing channels to prioritise this year

Written by: Rohan Lock, Regional Director – APAC, dotdigital

If in 2021 you don’t have a website with a strong online presence, you’re going to lose out on significant sales revenue. And after the year we’ve just had, no business can afford that. But, what about the other channels in your marketing ecosystem – the ones that supplement your website and support and engage customers across the lifecycle? They need to be working seamlessly in the background so there are no disjoints in terms of data and customer experiences. 

Customer Story: ShopBack wows customers with a connected, relevant experience

ShopBack wows customers with a connected, relevant experience. 

Featured Contributors

VIDEO: Stone & Wood customer case study

Watch how Byron Bay brewing company, Stone & Wood amplifies its online customer engagement with dotdigital automated campaigns.

VIDEO: City Beach Success Story

How City Beach accelerated growth within 90 days with the Emarsys AI Retail Platform.

VIDEO: The History of CRM, CDP, CIP, and Everything in Between

Learn the history of customer data platforms (CDP) and how they started when the need arose to understand customer behavior with CRM and other data platforms and how they evolved into a customer intelligent platform (CIP).

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Economic Impact Report

The impact of COVID-19 and subsequent economic recovery have created permanent shifts in consumer behaviour in Australia’s retail sector. New distribution channels, online marketplaces, home delivery, and new financial and regulatory technology are all being developed in record time by thousands of businesses.

Afterpay was at the heart of this transition in 2020. Read on to find out mroe about their economic impact in Australia. 

VIDEO: "It's like Uber - but for moving things!"

Duncan Brett reveals the benefits of using Sherpa for your same-day delivery of parcels.

VIDEO: Marketplacer

Marketplacer is a global technology Platform as a Service (PaaS) company, equipped with all the tools and functionality needed to build a successful and scalable online marketplace, at speed. 

VIDEO: Creating connected customer experiences

Simone Busch, Director of Customer Strategy & Success at Tryzens shares best practices for connected customer experiences that drive growth, AOV and loyalty.

The Future of eCommerce in 2021 Report

What’s the new normal for commerce? And what can you do to thrive in 2021 and beyond?

Shopify Plus interviewed 25+ industry leaders, investors, and commerce experts, and discovered five global trends shaping retail and ecommerce. This in-depth report gives you an overview of each trend and practical steps you can take right now to future-proof your business.

Latest Podcasts

This episode we speak to Matt Hasaan, Senior Economist at Westpac and a total expert on the insights of the behaviours of the Australian consumer plus we pick up the conversation about recession and recovery of COVID-19 as predicted in his 2020 Online Retailer FUSION keynote.

Biohacking, “DIY biology”, transhumanism, genetic engineering, and biotechnology are exploding in interest, and more people than ever are learning how they can actually alter the micro- to affect change at the macro. They want to connect the minutiae, the details — the data — with the ultimate outward expression to create a desired result...

This episode dives into the recent changes in Australian Media Laws and the impact on how consumers interact with social media platforms and content. Kate delivers some big answers to how this will impact conversion results from digital tools like Facebook, and what marketers can be doing now to plan for the battle ahead.

Mini malls, shopping centers, and large department stores all still exist and remain popular despite their digital counterparts But online marketplaces are where more and more brands are gathering to not just sell goods, but to get a better 360 view of their customers, and gain access to sell products from other big name brands that fit their marketplace niche.

Speed past your competition by doing what has never been done before. Check out this episode of the Often Imitated podcast featuring Oliver Hughes, CMO of Red Bull Racing Honda.

Smarter stocking: getting control of your inventory before Christmas

Because people love to shop – and even more so online – special occasion events, coupled with seasonal shopping all provide great opportunities to push some extra stock and generate more revenue. 

Find out how you can use digital tools to streamline your operations and make the most of peak demand periods.

Latest Podcasts

In a two for one deal, we pick the brilliant minds of our guests to look at the intersection and partnership (or battle?) between ecommerce and bricks & mortar, and how that discussion has been heated up by a global pandemic - it’s time to breakdown the boundaries!

Join Tryzens CEO Andy Burton and Cotton On GM of eCommerce Brendan Sweeney for an intimate conversation around all things eComm with a focus on the rise of App Commerce in the ANZ market.

A preview of the opening keynote speaker at Online Retailer Conference & Expo this July where Jason will explore how the growth of online retail relies on creating a meaningful customer experience; but to generate conversion both the employee and the customer need to play a key role in the success.

Tony Skinner, Owner of Podcast My Business and Duncan Brett, CEO of Sherpa, catch up to discuss how you can make your ecommerce deliveries faster and easier with Sherpa.

Industry News


Drawing on experience from delivering 400 million parcels per year, serving 12.3 million addresses and handling 5.7 million contacts to the contact centre, Australia Post is unrivalled as the true authority on delivery experience in Australia.


Booktopia is one of leading Australian online book retailers, and since it was established in 2004, it has strived to have a deeper understanding of its customers and how their behaviour changes over time.


BWX is branching out beyond natural beauty into vegan and cruelty-free products with its acquisition of leading eco-friendly online retailer Flora & Fauna.


With 12-million unique visitors every month, eBay was able to monitor the changing needs of the nation through the goods they were purchasing, presented in Lockdown: One Year On: A report by eBay Australia.

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