• 21-22 July 2021
  • ICC Sydney

Terms & Conditions

ORIAS 2021 Categories

1. Best Pureplay Retailer

2. Best Small Independent Retailer

3. Best Phygital Initiative 

4. Best B2B Online Retailer

5. Best Social Commerce Initiative

6. International Conqueror

7. Best Community Initiative – Community Service Award 

8. Best Multichannel Retailer

9. Best Online Retail Marketing

10. Technology Champion

11. Customer Service Excellence

12. Industry Recognition



  • An entrant can submit their company into multiple categories
  • An entrant can submit their company into a category only once
  • An entrant submitting an entry into a category with a fee must complete the payment for their submission to be accepted
  • If an entrant wish’s to question the decision of the judges the organiser’s in conjunction with the head of judges will review and provide a statement as to how the entrant was scored
  • Best small independent retailer eligibility - This is an independent business with between 1-10 employees, and annual revenue up to $10million
  • The below categories all have a non-refundable fee to enter:
  1. Best Pureplay Retailer
  2. Best Community Initiative – Community Service Award
  3. Best Small Independent Retailer
  4. Best Multichannel Retailer
  5. Best Phygital Initiative
  6. Best Online Retail Marketing
  7. Best B2B Online Retailer
  8. Technology Champion
  9. Best Social Commerce Initiative
  10. Customer Service Excellence
  11. International Conqueror


  • Judging is by invitation only.
  • Judges represent well-regarded figures within the Online Retail industry. Judges are commentators and are leaders in their field.
  • Judges will be provided with selected categories to judge. The top 6 entrants per category will be selected as finalists as advised by Reed Exhibitions.
  • The judges are asked to judge the answers as relevant to the question asked. Where supporting documentation is appropriate, judges are required to qualify this information in relation to its relevancy.
  • Judges are asked to leave a short comment in the allotted area online when casting their vote for an entry.
  • All information within submissions and all proceedings during judging are strictly confidential - All judges are required to acknowledge this confidentiality agreement and no discussion should occur after the judging.
  • Judges are expected to be completely impartial when casting their vote. No external influences, whether for personal or business gain, may be considered when voting.
  • Judges will be asked to withdraw / opt out of judging categories if there is a conflict of interest, for example you are entering yourself, are mentoring or helping an entrant in that category in any way.
  • All voting is final and cannot be altered by anyone other than the judge. Reed Exhibitions reserves the right to check final scoring to ensure that there is no breaching of the Judging Policy and Confidentiality agreement.
  • The judging panel, in conjunction with the organisers, has the right to disqualify entries not meeting the stipulated criteria.
  • If a Judge is found to be breeching the “Judging Policy and Confidentiality Agreement” in any way, they will be asked to stand down as a Judge.
  • It is an expectation of each judge by receiving an agreement that they are willing to abide by the judging policies and confidentiality agreement.