Ruslan Kogan

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


Ruslan Kogan is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Executive Director of Kogan.com. Starting out in 2006 from his parent’s garage, Kogan.com’s flagship product was a new brand of televisions. Today, Kogan.com is a leading consumer brand renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency, focused on making the most in-demand products and services more affordable and accessible. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Ruslan developed a keen interest in technology at the age of nine when he built his first computer from bargain parts purchased at a Computer Swap Meet at Caulfield Town Hall. He started his first business at just 10 years old where he collected lost golf balls, cleaned them and repacked them in egg cartons, selling them to golfers on weekends. During his teen years, he launched a string of businesses including a car wash service, mobile phone repair business, and a web design agency. Ruslan continued to show a keen interest in technology throughout high school, and finished top of the state in Information Processing and Management with a perfect study score in Year 12. After graduating, he attended Monash University, where he studied while working full time. Before founding Kogan.com he held positions in the IT departments of Bosch and General Electric (GE Money), and was a consultant at Accenture.

Ruslan’s upbringing and work experience sparked his desire to make the most in-demand goods and services more affordable for all Australians. He founded Kogan.com at the age of 23 to do exactly that."