Retail Elevate Workshop

Turn your Start Up into a Scale Up!

This year's Retail Elevate agenda is designed to touch on various aspects of retail digital marketing, customer experience, leadership and team growth. Join the Retail Elevate talks and exclusive hands-on workshops across a new two-day intensive format as we explore Social Content Marketing and Small Team Transformation.

Retail Elevate is presented by Online Retailer and MI Academy.

Day One

The Three E’s of Content - Mastering Your Social Content Marketing Game-Plan


Are you sick of battling against the social algorithms for exposure? It’s time to throw up your white flag. 

There’s only one way to win the battle for consumer attention– create irresistibly engaging content. In this session, Alita Harvey-Rodriguez will walk you through how Australia’s best retailers are using the three E’s content secret for their content of all shapes, sizes and formats. 

This session will end with an intimate Q&A with our social media marketing experts.



Work with your fellow retailers to:  

  • Understand how to play nice with the social algorithms
  • Define your brand’s content buckets  
  • Flesh out your social content marketing plan using the three E’s 

Day Two

How to Unf*ck Your Marketing and Make the Most of Your Small Team 


Is your team fixed in a funk? Stuck in a rut, time poor? Can’t get off the hamster wheel?  Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. In this session, MI Academy’s team will be sharing the most powerful tools and frameworks for realigning your team. These strategies will help you make the most of your small team, save time with automation and solve your ‘too-hard’ problems.  

This session will be followed up with an expert Q&A all about retail marketing and business growth. 



In this session, use MI Academy frameworks to: 

  • Unjumble your priorities and identify your quick wins and major projects 
  • Map out the essential time-saving automations 
  • Find a solution to one of your ‘too-hard’ problems 

Who should attend?

Amongst the expert keynotes and practical workshops, there's really something to help anyone and everyone grow their retail empire. HOWEVER, your true readiness will rely (not strictly) on a number of things.

If you're 2+ years into your retail business with an annual turnover of $1,000,000+ this is the place to be! Our content is designed for retailers who are growth-hungry and looking to scale sustainably.

Additionally, if you're a traditional bricks and mortar retailer looking to grow online this is a must-attend event for you!

Benefits of attending ...

  • Understand the process and frameworks for developing a highly successful content and social marketing strategy 
  • Discover how to create content that wins the hearts, minds and wallets of your new and loyal customers
  • Access customised templates designed to provide solutions to your everyday marketing, team and customer challenges 
  • Learn industry tips and tricks to accelerate growth while highlighting potential traps and common mistakes
  • Learn to better support your growing team and reorganise priorities and projects 
  • Gain knowledge and tools to help make your team more creative, strategic and productive
  • Network with other retailers to exchange best practice and learnings from personal experience 
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring from Top 50 industry leaders
  • Go into the draw to win a $500 training voucher from MI Academy

Led By:

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez

MI Academy, Managing Director

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading digital marketing futurists and the brains behind MI Academy. For over a decade, Alita has worked with global brands including REA Group, Mr Toys ToyWorld, SAP, Experian, Mountain Bikes Direct and Alfa Romeo to transform their digital marketing and customer experience.

Today Alita works with tier one retailers to help create clarity in digital leadership. She specialises in intense training and data-driven innovation programs that help marketers leverage data to reveal hidden profits and build humanised communication strategies that create raving fans out of consumers.

Alita sits on several industry advisory boards including Girls In Tech Australia, Retail Global, Online Retailer and non-profit organisation, Retail ROI. She is a judge for the Online Retailer Industry Awards and a prominent speaker at events such as National Retail Federation’s NYC Big Show, Acquia Engage, Retail Global, Online Retailer and Hubspot’s Inbound conference in Boston, America.

Felisha Mina
MI Academy, Digital Consultant

Felisha has spent the last 7+ years as a creative all-rounder, specialising in branding and digital content marketing. With an eye for the aesthetic and the tools that come with it, Felisha is a versatile growth-marketer who’s unafraid to rewrite the creative process.

Skills in design, photography and videography have put her in collaboration with brands across Australia, the US and the UK.

From Shark Tank business ventures to global tech start-ups and FTSE-listed companies, Felisha blends visual and analytical thinking to help businesses create value through the public eye.

Natalie Khoury
MI Academy, Director of Customer Experience & Partnerships

Natalie is very passionate about helping businesses innovate and transform the way they approach customer loyalty. In an ever-changing and competitive market, you can no longer continue with business as usual.

Evolving your customer experience (CX), releasing the full potential of your data, solution selling, and transformation of your brand are the keys to success.

For over a decade, Natalie has developed customised CX programs, creating coaching cultures and solution sales strategies for companies like Experian, Connexity, CheetahMail Digital, Mr Toys Toyworld, Westrac, Gold Coast Titans and Bluechip IT.

Jo Harris
MI Academy, Senior CX Consultant

Jo had a non-conventional path into retail with a career starting in hospitality and health, both service-based industries of which the customer was the focus. She saw first hand how great synergy in teams leads to great achievements when the customer is the focus.

In 2010, Jo co-founded Hunting for George and set about to create the ultimate experience for customers in retail, both online and offline. The high standard of customer experience and Jo’s genuine love of people and connections led to Hunting for George maintaining a 4.7-star rating and an NPS score of 72. Their customer-centric approach to retail saw them become a disruptor in the industry.

In 2019, Jo was honoured as number 20 in the Top 50 People in E-Commerce by Internet Retailing for her achievements in creating a positive team culture and customer experience.

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