• 19 - 20 July 2023
  • ICC Sydney

Retail Elevate Workshop

A Masterclass in Customer Journey Mapping and our Award-Winning ANCR Model ®

In 2023, our bestselling Retail Elevate workshop is, well, ELEVATED!  

Join a stellar lineup of industry experts as they walk you step-by-step, click-by-click, through crucial stages of the customer's journey.  

Gain renewed perspective, industry-specific insight and hard-earned strategies from the best in the biz! 



The Secret to Scaling Your Ecommerce Business: How to Optimise Your Marketing Operations Model and Crush Your Next 12 Months in eCommerce

Are you a driven founder or marketer working with a lean team, looking to triple your revenue and scale your sales and marketing efforts, without the need to increase headcount or budget? 
It all comes down to one thing: a scalable and hyper efficient marketing operating model. The problem? Most businesses don’t have one, let alone know they need one!

Do you identify with these challenges?

  • You’re doing well but find yourself stuck in a reactivity rut, without set marketing rituals

  • You’re too “busy” to get into optimisation mode and be strategically creative 

  • You have 101 projects on the backburner but lack the bandwidth to finish them off 

If this sounds like you, Retail Elevate 2023 may just be your breakthrough! 

In the fifth installment of their bestselling Retail Elevate workshop, MI Academy will be offering up over a decade’s worth of practical insights, frameworks and strategies you can deploy to smash through your operational blockers and push beyond 7-8 figure growth.  

In Part One, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the most common operational blockers hindering growth 

  • Uncover the 6 strategy pillars to scale your marketing operations and achieve 3x growth, and beyond

  • The latest marketing trends and tactics across MI Academy’s proprietary ANCR® campaign optimisation framework

FREE Expo Floor Tour – Your Ultimate Free Guide to Building a Thriving Tech Stack 

Looking to revisit your tech stack but find yourself lost in the ocean of opportunity on the expo floor? Don’t know who does what well? How will be the best for your business?  

Part One of Retail Elevate will conclude with an expert-led tour of the exhibition floor. Come with us as we take an objective look at the providers best suited for growing retailers and share real case studies from clients who mobilized the tech to deliver award-winning campaigns and initiatives.

PART 2 - WORKSHOP (ticketed)

The Secret to Scaling Your Ecommerce Business: How to Optimise Your Marketing Operations Model and Crush Your Next 12 Months in Ecommerce

Part One provided the insights on what and why, now it's time to pop the hood and find out HOW!  
In Part two of their bestselling Retail Elevate workshop, MI Academy will dive deep into the inner workings of an efficient marketing operations model.  
Using a series of tried and tested reflective exercises and must-know frameworks, they will help you see a bird’s eye view of your current model, and identify the cogs that aren’t turning and the opportunities in need of some elbow grease. 

In Part Two, workshop attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of the anatomy of a high performing marketing operations model  

  • The Audit: How to efficiently diagnose the most common blockers hindering growth 

  • 2 rinse-and-repeat reflective exercises to help you reinvent your marketing operations model 

  • LIVE Case Study: How you can 3X your revenue by successfully implementing this model  

Who should attend?

If you’re looking to balance your effort Vs impact, scale your marketing and push beyond 7-8 figure growth then this practical workshop is for you!  
Your true readiness will rely (not strictly) on a number of things.

  • You’re a Founder still working in the business, or a marketing specialist in a Founder-led business

  • You’re 2+ years into your retail business with an annual turnover of $1 million+

  • Or, you’re a bricks and mortar retailer looking to make the shift or grow your online presence. 


Why Should You Attend?

  • You want to start working on the business, not in it

  • You’re caught in a cycle of reactivity, and desperately want to get more purposeful with your approach to team, marketing and customer experience strategy

  • You want to capture a complete bird’s eye view of your strategy to identify crucial opportunities for transformation

  • You’re struggling to attract, convert or retain quality customers.

Meet Your Teachers

Alita Harvey Rodriguez 
Managing Director, MI Academy

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading digital marketing futurists and the brains behind MI Academy. For over a decade, Alita has worked with global brands including REA Group, Mr Toys ToyWorld, SAP, Experian, Mountain Bikes Direct and Alfa Romeo to transform their digital marketing and customer experience.

Today Alita works with tier one retailers to help create clarity in digital leadership. She specialises in intense training and data-driven innovation programs that help marketers leverage data to reveal hidden profits and build humanised communication strategies that create raving fans out of consumers.

Liam Bligh
Senior Digital Consultant & Marketing Lead, MI Academy

With infectious positivity, Liam has demonstrated a knack for the gritty side eCommerce. A natural problem solver, you’ll often find Liam running toward the fire. Extinguishing it with his creativity, rationality and technical skill set.

He's got a broad range of experience with national and global brands like birdsnest, M.J Bale, Vissla, Rhythm Snowsports and more. Because of this, he has developed a very unique approach to eCommerce. Using your data as the foundation to a more customer-centric growth strategy.

Liam is passionate about technical marketing, SEO, CRO and performance marketing. But each of these would be nothing without applying the lens of customer experience. He's got a natural ability to distil complex theories, practices, tactics and jargon into real-world action plans. Ask him anything!

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