Retail Elevate Workshop

A Masterclass in Customer Journey Mapping and our Award-Winning ANCR Model ® 

In 2022, our bestselling Retail Elevate workshop is, well, ELEVATED!  

Join a stellar lineup of industry experts as they walk you step-by-step, click-by-click, through crucial stages of the customer's journey.  

Gain renewed perspective, industry-specific insight and hard-earned strategies from the best in the biz! 



Take a Walk in Your Customer's Shoes - Crafting a Truly Captivating Customer Experience

Are you a SMB caught in the churn and burn trap? Eyes locked on the point of conversion while you blissfully ignore every touchpoint in the periphery? You're certainly not alone! 

Customer-centricity is a culture of putting the customer at the center of everything you do – from the first interaction to their 99th repeat purchase and beyond. The challenge here is identifying "everything you do", EVERY. SINGLE. TOUCHPOINT with your brand. 

In 2021, the average customer has 8.6 social media accounts (Backlinko). Throw in email, your website, SMS, search and in-store interactions, and you've got a customer journey worthy of a Tolkien novel. 

Award-winning training provider MI Academy is here to demystify that process!  

Join several of Australia's leading eCommerce experts on an interactive journey driven by the industry-leading ANCR Model ®. We will walk you through the stages of customer acquisition, nurturement, conversion and retention and teach you the fail-proof strategies to delight at every touchpoint.

Learn from the experts

  • Key Strategies to cut through the chaos attract new, quality customers
  • How to grow loyalty with proven lead nurturing tactics
  • Proven strategies to skyrocket your retail conversion rate
  • And, the customer retention strategies your business simply can't ignore
  • Plus, an all cards on the table Q&A with the experts


BONUS: Explore the eCommerce Ecosystem  
Day 1 will conclude with an in-depth tour of the expo floor. Get to know the exhibitors relevant to your business and receive customised recommendations from the experts. 

This session is Part 1 of MI Academy's bestselling Retail Elevate workshop.
To put your learnings into action, join us on Day 2 for a hyper-practical masterclass in how to capture the complete customer experience and identify your core opportunities.


[MASTERCLASS] Take a Walk in Your Customer's Shoes – The 6 Step Template for Capturing the Complete Customer Experience

"Today's customer journey is an iterative, complex, pinball of touchpoints" - David Adelman

In other words, today's customer experience is a hot mess...but it doesn't need to be!

In this hands-on masterclass, MI Academy will walk you through their proven 6-step process for customer journey mapping.

Learn from the experts

  • Map your end-to-end customer journey using the foolproof ANCR model®
  • Understand how to maximise the impact and influence of your customer touchpoints
  • Tune in to crucial customer questions, thoughts and feelings
  • Create your 90-day customer experience transformation roadmap
Come equipped with a bucketload of ideas and inspiration by attending Part One of this session on Day 1 – not mandatory, but highly recommended!

Who should attend?

Amongst the expert keynotes and practical workshops, there's really something to help anyone and everyone grow their retail empire. HOWEVER, your true readiness will rely (not strictly) on a number of things. 

  • If you’re 2+ years into your retail business with an annual turnover of $1 million+ this is the place to be!
  • If you’re a bricks and mortar retailer looking to make the shift or grow your online presence this is a must-attend event for you! 


Why Should You Attend?

  • You’re caught in a cycle of reactivity, and desperately want to get more purposeful with your approach to marketing and customer experience
  • You want to capture a complete bird’s eye view of your strategy to identify crucial opportunities for transformation
  • You’re struggling to attract, convert or retain quality customers. This 2-part workshop is all about identifying the gaps in your strategy and mending them

Meet Your Teachers

Alita Harvey Rodriguez 
Managing Director, MI Academy

Alita Harvey-Rodriguez is known as one of Australia’s leading digital marketing futurists and the brains behind MI Academy. For over a decade, Alita has worked with global brands including REA Group, Mr Toys ToyWorld, SAP, Experian, Mountain Bikes Direct and Alfa Romeo to transform their digital marketing and customer experience.

Today Alita works with tier one retailers to help create clarity in digital leadership. She specialises in intense training and data-driven innovation programs that help marketers leverage data to reveal hidden profits and build humanised communication strategies that create raving fans out of consumers.

Natalie Khoury
Director of Customer Experience & Partnerships, MI Academy

Natalie is very passionate about helping businesses innovate and transform the way they approach customer loyalty. In an ever-changing and competitive market, you can no longer continue with business as usual.

Evolving your customer experience (CX), releasing the full potential of your data, solution selling, and transformation of your brand are the keys to success. For over a decade, Natalie has developed customised CX programs, creating coaching cultures and solution sales strategies for companies like Experian, Connexity, CheetahMail Digital, Mr Toys Toyworld, Westrac, Gold Coast Titans and Bluechip IT.

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