Nick Molnar

Co-Founder and CEO of North America


Nick Molnar is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of North America for Afterpay, the leading retail instalment payments innovator and one of the fastest growing global fintech companies. 

As a former investment analyst and young, serial-entrepreneur, Nick’s vision for Afterpay was to create a global payment solution that would allow consumers to pay for items in four interest-free instalments. As a millennial himself, he recognized that this generation has an aversion to credit cards because they can lead to compounding debt. Nick launched Afterpay in Australia in October 2014 and listed the company on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2016. The company expanded into the U.S. in May 2018 and the UK in June 2019. In August 2020, the company expanded into Canada and Southern Europe.   

Prior to establishing Afterpay, Nick launched the leading American online jeweler, Ice.com, in Australia and successfully grew the business to become the largest online-only jewellery and watch retailer in Australia. Earlier in his career, Nick worked as an Investment Analyst at venture capital fund M. H. Carnegie & Co., where he was primarily responsible for growth stage investments. Previously, Nick was a semi-professional rugby player in Australia and now is an avid skier and sports fan.  He lives in San Francisco, with his wife and children. You can learn more about Nick from his LinkedIn profile and hear him talk about the founding of the company here.