• 19-20 October 2020
  • ICC Sydney
24-25 July 2019


Hear voices from the conference and more discuss the hottest topics in online retail at our Live Podcast Studio!

Live Podcast Series - taking place on the expo floor at Online Retailer 2019!

For the second year in a row, the Live Podcast Series with NORA Network and Mouthmedia Network is making a triumphant return to the Online Retailer - featuring a selection of prominent retailers in lively discussion around the latest trends, challenges and solutions in our ever-changing industry.

Pull up a chair and tune in to these live podcasts - free on the expo floor!


SESSION 1: 10:20 – 10:50am
The Unpredictable Trends Of The 2020 Global Consumer

In a tumultuous environment of constant change it’s imperative to gain clarity on the emerging forces.  While there are obvious trends arising there are also unpredictable behavioural shifts expected that will have meaningful impact on the online and off line retail market place.  This podcast session will explore the next wave of digital evolution and how to prepare.

Session Participant: Mark Teperson, Chief Digital Officer, Accent Group

SESSION 2: 12:00pm -1:00pm
New Leadership And Culture For New Retail

Millennial workforces have created a cultural shift in the way retailers manage and cultivate their people. Last year Lowes won Retail Employer of The Year, in this podcast we find out how they developed their people strategy and the lessons the retail industry can learn from exemplary people strategies.

Session Participant:  Jason Heap, Head of People, Lowes Winner of the 2018 Retailer Employer of the Year award.

SESSION 3: 2:55pm – 3:30pm
Next Gen Tech. Are You Prepared?

As we move into an era of AI and bots, the interface between human and machine is critical to get right.  Whilst many are still figuring out which AI tools to apply and what level of robotics will work, for some they are leading the pack and seizing these technological opportunities now. In this session we will be discussing the possibilities and the impact on organisations today.

Session Participants:
Shane Lenton, CIO, CUE Clothing 
Meg Tonkin, Human-Robot interaction researcher, Social Robotics

SESSION 4: 3:30pm – 3:55pm
Panel: Lessons From Retail’s Most Effective Social Advertising Social Marketing
continues to surprise in its integration of innovation and creativity. Generating compelling, authentic and meaningful engagement is key for retail social success. Unfortunately, there is no set social formula for any organisation, although it’s highly beneficial to hear from those who are raising the bar on impactful content creation. This session explores what’s required in 2020 to curate relevance and depth in social communication.

Session Participants: 
Olivia Car, Founder, Shhh Silk
Travis Wright, Esther & Co


SESSION 1: 10:20am – 10:50am
Creating Innovative Spaces For Next Level Customer Experience

Transforming retail physical platforms to become more impactful is high on most retailer’s agendas. Though creating spaces that are unforgettable and that offer a seamless on and offline experience takes innovation and some out of the box ingenuity. In this podcast we explore the opportunities and mind set required for a new paradigm of retail store design.

Session Participant:
Ben Hawkins, Director, Retail Design, Optus

SESSION 2: 12.00pm – 1pm 
Meeting The Need For Deep Authenticity: The Rise Of Artisan And Street Labels

Most millennials are screening out brands that aren’t relevant, unique or ethical - this has created sharp growth in the rise of artisan and street brands. We explore in this podcast how deep authenticity can be cultivated and how to remain relevant a growing marketplace of unique brands.

Session Participants: 
Nick Pearce, Founder, HoMie • Eric Phu, Founder, Citizen Wolf

Eric Phu, Founder, Citizen Wolf

SESSION 3: 2:55pm – 3:30pm 

Your Customers Are Paying Attention: Creating Unique Sustainable Initiatives

Savvy consumers are demanding to know from where products are sourced and are looking for higher levels sustainability from brands. This podcast explores the next level of ethical advancement required to meet an aware and conscious consumer.

Session Participants: 
Sarah Mullen, General Manager, Adore Beauty
Julie Mathers, Founder, Flora & Fauna

SESSION 4: 3:30pm – 4:00pm 
Driving Brand Dominance In China: Reaching The Chinese Consumer

There is no set formula to entering China successfully, there are still many unknowns and risks to navigate.  Whilst the opportunity is huge so too is the potential damage.  This session takes a frank look at the challenges and knowledge required to take the next step.

Session Participant: 
James Hudson, Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Alibaba