eCommerce FastTrack- From Zero to Hero in Just 8 Hours

eCommerce FastTrack- From Zero to Hero in Just 8 Hours

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

You’ve probably learnt this is true in both life and in business, in the fashion tech and digital world we have a saying “Fail Fast”. However, often this notion scares people! ‘I don’t have time or budget to fail with!’ Is what most people say. I just need to know how to do it right!

Then there is the next issue… Experts… Experts everywhere! Crafting and growing your ecommerce or transforming a traditional retail business should be a walk in the park right? Actually no. Good talent isn’t cheap and getting access to people who have been there and done that successfully isn’t that easy. Advice is great, but what about how to learn their practical skills which have taken them decades to acquire? It’s not going to happen overnight, it’ll take you years to ask all the right questions, let a lone find time in their diaries to help you!

What about if there was a formula to learn the most sought after skills from the experts all in 1 day? There has to be a way right? Innovation can have a formula? Well well well, have I got news for you!

This year the Online Retailer is bringing you the Kick Starter conference, new and improved!

Keep reading and you’ll discover:

– What exactly is the Kickstarter
– What you’ll learn at the Kickstarter

What exactly this Kickstarter you speak of…?

This is the third year Online Retailer are running the KickStarter. Last year we had a room filled with a mixed bag of traditional retailers looking for more knowledge to move online and others were start-ups looking for guidance.

Together with Milk it Academy’s Innovation and practical learning methodology we’re bringing you some of our most genuinely successful ecommerce experts to not only share with you what they have done, but also work with you in a practical environment to ensure their skills and knowledge have transferred into your business to take you from Zero to Hero in 8 hours.

What you’ll learn at the Kick Starter:

We’re working hard with our experts to extract from them the content that would make their eComm bible. Everything from:

– Government grants you can apply for to help you grow
– Planning and understanding your customer journey and find opportunities to improve your experience
– Start-up growth strategies every business can use to innovate
– How the best social enterprises have grown loyalty and their business using social media alone and their behind tracking

This is just a snapshot of what to expect! We’ll be sending a survey to all attendees to gain more insights into your knowledge gaps and knowledge needs so you can make sure it’s going to be exactly what you need.

If you’re in the early stages of your start-up eCommerce business journey or if you’re well into your traditional retail business this is a session you should certainly add to your conference agenda. As Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

I personally am really excited for the Kick Starters content, I hope to see you there with us in July!

If you want more information, visit the Online Retailer website and book your tickets.

Alita x

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