The Women 2 Watch Program is coming to Australia!

The Women 2 Watch Program is coming to Australia!

In just one quick year, Remodista has travelled around the globe in an effort to educate brands, cultivate female leaders, and connect a global community through our Women2Watch Program. We are excited to expand the program to Australia, and we have Online Retailer to thank for their insight into reaching out for partnerships with a goal to cultivate women leadership at their conferences.

In early 2017, we are launching our first Women2Watch in Retail Disruption in the US. This group of thinkers experimenting in online and brick-and-mortar retail are an extraordinary group of women who are solving business problems in the areas of operations, marketing, CRM, commerce, IoT, supply chain, logistics, and globalization. We honored these women because they’re making a noticeable difference in the industry.

Remodista celebrated nearly 100 women and their accomplishments with the US Women2Watch program 2016. On September 20th, this talented group joined together at Glass Houses in NYC for a night of acknowledgement, culture, and fun. 6 innovation awards were given to women executives from Keds, Zazzle, HBC Digital, giggle, YOGASMOGA, and New York & Company.

Our Retail Look Book published on December 12th, a 3-year look at retail disruption and what that means for the future of retail. It is a culmination of our collaboration research and analysis, combined with our Women2Watch program.

One October 15th, we launched open peer and self-nomination for women retail executives solving important business challenges in retail disruption. Our goal is to help shine a light, and solve your challenges with our collaborative community. With Remodista, these Australian leaders have a trusted community with personal on-demand problem solving across the business while we help cultivate executive leadership in Australia.

We will announce our 2017 honorees on December 31st, and will be back to Online Retailer next year to give out a Women2Watch Innovation Award.

Heading into 2017, we believe that the future of retail is live customer engagement coupled with web and mobile, and the internet of things will connect the dots. Today our strategies are shifting from transactional to customer experience. The number one actionable step for retailers today, is to unsilo the business, and create a conversation that allows your company to embrace how disruption is affecting your commerce strategies across the business.

Written by Kelly Stickel, Founder and CEO of Remodista

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