Welcome to 2018 – A New Year, New Board Members and New Expectations

Welcome to 2018 – A New Year, New Board Members and New Expectations

I love the energy that a new year brings… the anticipation, expectation, hopes and dreams that are associated with a new start. At Reed Exhibitions we commenced the year with our annual Kick Off conference where the entire company goes away for two days to start the year with solid two days of strategising, team activities and of course a bit (too much!) partying. This was my 5th Kick Off and probably the best one I’ve been to yet.

This year’s theme was “One Team” as Reed Exhibitions truly relies on every person and department (including our external partners) to do their part well so we can perform as a business.

For us at Online Retailer, the Advisory Board is a hugely important extension of our team and I am excited to introduce our new board members to you.

2018 marks a very exciting year as we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event and to mark this special milestone we are planning some special treats for you…watch this space!

Since the beginning, Online Retailer has worked closely with its customers to drive the strategic direction, content and solution offerings, and we are fortunate enough to have built an excellent network of clients, industry friends and advisors to help us do that.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I introduce our 2018 Advisory Board, a select group of industry leaders whose experience, viewpoints, advice, advocacy and passion for the industry will help the Online Retailer team take the Conference and Expo to the next level.

We welcome six new board members, each bringing distinct and different experience through their current and previous roles.


Rachel Kelly, Founder & CEO, The Retail Collective comes to the board with her extensive experience in retail, leading and expanding complex businesses such as T2, while also advising senior retailers.

Joining her is Katharina Kuehn, Chief Strategy Officer, Winning Group who will bring to the group her deep marketing and neuroscience knowledge and a fresh perspective from one of the country’s most customer-focused retailers.

We are also excited to introduce Nardia Dazkiw, General Manager Marketing & Communications eCommerce, Australia Post StarTrack to the advisory board. She will not only be representing our lead partner across the event but she also brings extensive experience working with broad representation of players in this industry to the table.


Kate Langford, General Manager Digital, Big W is also joining the board, representing the viewpoint of one of Australia’s largest retailers and bringing her passion for digital and much applauded (and awarded) senior digital retail experience to our conversations.

We also welcome Yosuke Hall, Managing Director, Zanui, completing the board with his perspective of running one of Australia’s fastest growing online-only retailers and knowledge of having attended the event for many years.

New to the board but certainly not new to the team is Federica Casoni, Event & Sponsorship Manager, Afterpay Touch who brings her knowledge and experience of having worked on the event for the previous years together with a fresh p erspective and new contacts to the group.


Returning members are Paul Greenberg, Founder of NORA and Grant Arnott, Publisher of Power Retail and co-Founder of Click Frenzy, who have been invaluable contributors to the show since its beginnings and bring great industry knowledge and wisdom to the board.

Also returning to the board is Nick Molnar, Founder and CEO of Afterpay Touch, who represents the viewpoints of our exhibitors and sponsors, and the start-up tech world.

We are excited to have retained Peter Knock, Executive Director, St Vincent de Paul Society who will bring a whole new perspective of the not-for-profit retail sector and its role in this diverse retail landscape.

The team and I are extremely honoured to welcome these outstanding individuals to the board. Their diversity reflects the full spectrum of retail and the variety of our customers at the show.

I was curious to find out what our new board members are excited about this year and what their expectations are for 2018…

Rachel Kelly:  “I am looking forward to continuing to develop the next generation of retailers and supporting the current retail leaders so Australian retail can continue to innovate, grow and deliver. I am excited to see which retailers will embrace next wave of technology advancements to amplify customer engagement.”

Katharina Kuehn:  “Finally retail in Australia is becoming more global and competitive which is invigorating, with massive opportunities for innovators to grow and problem solve for customers in new ways. I’m super excited to work on that with a bunch of exceptional people at the Winning Group and to implement neuroscience at all levels of the organisation to make a positive impact for both our customers and our people. In a world that sometimes seems it’s gone mad and confused for me 2018 is all about focussing on what matters, leading by first principles and living good values that make our customers happy and our teams grow and excel.”

Nardia Dazkiw: “I had the pleasure of seeing in the New Year in Auckland, New Zealand surrounded by old friends and new from all over the world.  This year I’m looking forward to more global connectivity and growth, both professionally and personally.”

Peter Knock: “In my new role of working with Australia’s largest not for profit retailer I would really like to see a better understanding amongst our retail community of the dual impact’s that Vinnies and the NFP retail sector plays in the reduction of land fill and other environmental impacts from the redistribution of fashion, furniture and household goods. Secondly, Vinnies is investing significantly in the recycling industry which not only creates new employment opportunities but also provides new income streams for more investment in local community infrastructure to provide a hand up to those that need it.

What really motivates me about the year ahead is the exposure of the NFP retail sector to all the technology that our industry has become used to. There are the same pressures and issues around being innovative, agile and remaining relevant to our consumers the whole industry faces. “

Federica Casoni:2018 is going to be a year of personal and professional development for me. I look forward to growing, learning, and engaging with the industry and to witnessing innovation and best practice in Australian retail.”

Nick Molnar: “This year more than ever will be about empowering millennials, nurturing the Afterpay community and building a world class product for our merchants and customers, both in Australia and overseas.”

Yosuke Hall:  We’re focused on taking data-driven personalisation on Zanui to the next level in order to deliver big improvements to the customer experience. We believe that Australian online retailers have already set a very high standard when it comes to customer service and we’re excited to see how this continues to develop in 2018.”

I love that every answer reflects the energy of our community: people who embrace new challenges and lead through change by focusing on growth and opportunity. I can’t wait to work with such an amazing group of people and my team to put together and bring to you the 10th Online Retailer Conference & Expo on 25 and 26 July 2018.

By Alice Kuepper, Event Director, Online Retailer

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