Top Tips on How to Really Tackle Data and Personalisation

Top Tips on How to Really Tackle Data and Personalisation

Data, data, data! EVERYONE in retail is talking about it.

I don’t know about you, but I found it a bit scary!

There is so much opportunity around using the data we collect to understand and target our customers better, but where do we start? So many questions could arise. Online Retailer is coming back to Auckland on March 10, and the topic of the event will be “Where the Customer Experience is First”. We will offer insights into how to deliver better and seamless experiences to customers, and on how to create a customer centric culture in your business.

To do so, we are bringing down from Australia Gavin Merriman, Head of Online at Nude by Nature, who will share with us his top tips on how to tackle data and personalization.
Before the event, we have asked Gavin a few questions:

OR: How important do you think data, insights and personalisation are for retailers these days?

Gavin: Very important, in fact probably the second most important area once the core value proposition is in good shape.

OR: When did the personalisation journey start at Nude by Nature and why?

Gavin: Just over a year ago, we’d identified twelve experiences across the customer lifecycle and knew if we could deliver most/all it should create the advocacy needed to fuel organic growth. To help us achieve this, we wanted to give our customers a personalised and seamless buying journey across all channels. Hoping to avoid dis-jointed experience of sending customers an email with certain products or promotions, with something entirely different stalking them around the web through retargeted display, and no onsite promotion mirroring the email.

OR: Can you give us a few tips on how to understand what data is useful for what?

Gavin: For us it plays two really important roles. First is the marketing automation and personalisation through the marketing cloud to deliver a relevant experience. The second is through increased insights to really understand what’s working and driving acquisition, retention, and advocacy.

OR: Can you explain to us the 5 steps you have taken to build Nude by Nature’s data and personalisation capabilities?

Gavin: The first step was to setup the data layer to capture customer & event information. Then we put that in the customer data platform so we could start creating our segments, rules, and logic. Before connecting it to our different marketing platforms (email, website, and display) to create the marketing cloud/automation of our lifecycle campaigns. The final two steps were connecting our various different data sources across the company into a single data & insights platform. This enabled us to create consolidated dashboards and reports to understand and optimise business performance.

OR: How do you successfully deliver consistent personalised messaging across channel?

Gavin: By having a solid lifecycle marketing strategy and marketing cloud capability to execute the campaigns across channels. You also need patience as it’s technically not always possible to achieve everything you want to do from day one.

OR. What changes have occurred in the business after you have implemented a lifecycle marketing approach and how have these changes impacted sales?

Gavin: We saw an almost immediate reduction in the time it took customers to make a 2nd purchase with an improved NPS. Over the past 12 months this has helped us quadruple our active customer base and we are on track to triple online sales against last year’s budget.

OR: If you could only use 3 digital marketing tools, which ones would they be?

Gavin: Social & content are incredibly important to us but aren’t really tools. So I’d say Tealium as it powers our marketing cloud capability, DOMO for the insights it provides, and email is still really important to us as well.

OR: How do you know in which technology you should be investing in?

Gavin: Try and see beyond the sales spin to find out the limitations. Also make sure you know exactly how you’ll roll it out and what role it should play as part of your stack and ecosystem.

OR: What’s next for Nude by Nature?

Gavin: In the process of launching global eCommerce with multi-language & currency capability to meet the growing demand from Europe, Americas, and rest of APAC.

OR: Can you share your number one actionable eCommerce tip for success in the future?

Gavin: Before doing anything traditionally digital first focus on the overall experience and customer value proposition. If that’s not right you’re building castles in the sand.

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