The Benefits of Winning an ORIA and Why You Should Enter

The Benefits of Winning an ORIA and Why You Should Enter

Over 6 years, Tinyme has been an ORIA finalist 11 times in a myriad of categories. Last year we finally moved from perennial bridesmaid and won a gong for ‘Best Site Optimisation & Design’.

So why did we bother entering all those times? And what relevance does such an honour have to the maker of the world’s cutest personalised product for kids? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Here’s 5 reasons , you won’t believe number 3!

1. Industry recognition:

The Tinyme team works really hard day in day out to create awesome products and a great customer experience. Having won the industry award, for us that is really encouraging. Each year we’ve been up against some great brands doing great things. Becoming a finalist, let alone winning, is validating for the folks doing the hard work, sprint after sprint.

2. Great branding within an influential audience:

Last years gig (ORIAs Dinner) was attended by 700 people, many of which are very influential and like to talk (and tweet, and snap)! Having our logo plastered on the official book, announced repeatedly and put up on the big screen really doesn’t hurt the cause!

3. Self-defence:

And in the right corner, weighing 1.225 kg is… the ORIA trophy. While quite small, this sucker is surprisingly heavy and dangerously sharp (and conveniently still fits in hand luggage flying back home). Industry recognition, fits in your man bag and capable of serious damage in a fight against an amazonian giant. Who could ask for more?

4. Social proof and credibility among customers and the general public:

I must admit this is one we haven’t leveraged as much as we should have. Being a finalist in (and even better winning) awards is not only validating for the team and industry but goes a long way in building trust with existing and potential customers. It’s an outside, trustworthy and independent vote of confidence in Tinyme. It’s a way of telling people, be it onsite, email, social media etc, that you are indeed really, really awesome without sounding like an obnoxious looser.

5. It’s a Good night out:

I have six kids. I don’t get out much. Any excuse to catch up with friends, have a good meal and come home with a heavy, dangerous sharp object for the kids has got to be a win.

So go ahead and enter right now. And if you make it to the finals, come and say hi on the night. I’m the short, friendly bald guy looking a million bucks in the tux I wear twice a year (I’m also allowed out to the Power Retail Top 100 – sadly the trophies aren’t nearly as lethal).

Mike Wilson

ORIA close May 5

ORIAS, 27 July, Tickets on sale now

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