AI & Future Tech Zone

AI & Future Tech Zone

How can retailers make sense of the vast amounts of customer data and advertising metrics at their fingertips? What’s the next step to making smarter decisions, improving personalisation and driving better ROI?

The Online Retailer AI & FUTURE TECH ZONE will showcase the latest applications of Artificial Intelligence from Australia and beyond, designed to help retailers improve conversion, loyalty and ROI from online advertising. Artificial intelligence does the heavy lifting to generate automated improvements based on learnings from analysing data and running predictive testing.

Join us at the Online Retailer Expo to meet the latest innovators applying machine learning to automate the process of gaining access to actionable insights from real-time data. Find out how you can personalise products a customer sees when they return to a webpage  to aid conversion, tailoring the email communication a customer receives to improve loyalty and much more …

Who is joining us?

  • Albert AI automates the optimisation of online marketing to improve targeting and ROI
  • Ambiata crunches customer data to better tailor offers at the right time, person and channel.
  • Northraine  applies AI to reduce churn and aid upselling
  • Remi AI applies AI to optimise online marketing ROI and inventory management
  • Secret Sauce Partners applies AI to provide data driven merchandising solutions for apparel and footwear retailers to improve conversion
  • Aigent – AI powered digital assistant to enable 1:1 personalisation and relationship building at scale

And any many more! Check back here  for even more mind-blowing tech of the future being announced soon!



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