Tech Talks


The Tech Talks will be held as part of a drop-in seminar theatre situated on the expo floor where you can hear the very latest experts at the forefront of innovation.


10.20am – 10.50am | UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper Global Study – What Makes Online Shoppers Tick?

A new breed of savvy shoppers with high expectations are leading the way in today’s retail industry. Understanding today’s online shopper and evolving to meet their new demands for cross-border e-commerce is critical for retailer success. What are the key areas that retailers need to focus on to shape the future of e-commerce? How can they increase customer satisfaction and sales? Is brick-and-mortar here to stay?

Sean Hatter, Head of Marketing, UPS

10.55am – 11.25am | 10 proven ideas that will increase online sales

  • 10 years experience of building Magento e-commerce stores
  • 10 tactical ideas that have proven success with our retail partners
  • User Experience, Acquisition, Conversion & Retention Excellence have proven success with our retail partners

James Horne, Director of Strategy

11.30am – 12.05pm | Selling Internationally? Here’s how to minimise your foreign exchange costs

Global marketplaces present a massive opportunity for online retailers to scale their businesses. But that comes with international operating costs, and the reality is that many sellers are paying far more than they need to in foreign exchange costs when paying overseas suppliers or bringing home their profits. Gone are the days of having to set up complex overseas businesses just to open an overseas bank account, so you can receive local payments from the marketplaces or websites you sell through. OFX’s recently launched Global Currency Account helps sellers minimise the cost of their international transfers while scaling their businesses internationally, by giving you your own local bank accounts in the countries you wish to sell into. Learn more at this Retail Tech Lab Speaker session with OFX.

Speaker: Edward Wiley – Senior Alliance Manager, OFX (previously OzForex)

12.00pm – 12.30pm |  Hitting the Mark with Email Marketing – 2018

Speaker: Rohan Lock, Regional Director

12.35pm – 1.05pm | Shopping Insights – your competitive advantage

Understanding your data is only one piece of the puzzle especially in this ever increasing competitive eCommerce industry.

Australia Post takes a holistic look at what is happening in the eCommerce market to help your business benchmark current performance, identify new market opportunities and change to keep up with your consumers’ needs.

The presentation includes key insights uncovered in the creation of the latest Inside Australian Online Shopping report.

Speaker: Rose Yip, Head of Ecommerce Data Analytics

1.10pm – 1.40pm | Personalisation: why, what & when

  • Why personal commerce matters
  •  When it works; customer centricity
  •  What is different in the architecture and design
  • Removing the online/offline divide

Speaker: John Menagh, Commerce Solution Specialist, Greater Asia

1.45pm – 2.30pm | Incent Loyalty

Consumer loyalty is changing. Behaviours are shifting. Retailers are struggling to have real loyalty. Learn how Incent Loyalty is using the power of blockchain and big data to revolutionise rewards by making it so easy to want to be a loyal customer.

Speaker: Jins Kaduthodil, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

2.35pm – 3.05pm | Abandon cart – tools to increase conversion for your online sales

With more people browsing online but basket abandonment rates also increasing, online retailers need to look for innovative ways for ensure their customers complete the purchase. We’ve devised a collection of tips and tools to ensure sales are converted through enhanced online experiences.

Speaker: Dion Appel, Chief Revenue Officer

3.10pm – 3.40pm | Better Than Amazon – The secrets to successful logistics for online retailers

Speaker: Andrew Clark, Managing Director

3.45pm – 4.15pm | Keeping competitive; how marketplace innovation is fuelled by consumer demands

  • How Myer used product databases and API integrations to connect retailers and scale their business
  • What ‘Request to Book’ means for the future of e-commerce and how GoSeeAustralia has used it to take offline businesses online
  • How Jayco used intuitive content management to showcase their innovative products
  • What BikeExchange is doing with dealer networks to help brands get ahead and how they use customisable shopfronts to create marketplace stickiness

Speaker: Andy Kelk, Chief Technology Officer


11.20am – 11.50am | Shopper-first Retailing

Hear the latest research on what customers are telling us about the future of shopping. Learn how retail trailblazers are exceeding shopper expectations, staying ahead of competition and building capabilities to be retailers of the future to meet customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Speaker: James Johnson, Regional Director, Customer Success & Retail Practice

11.50am – 12.20pm | Amazon Marketplace 101

Selling on Amazon allows you to reach tens of millions of shoppers on Whether you’re selling one item or millions, the Amazon Marketplace makes your products easier for customers to find and easier to buy. Join this workshop to know more about how to launch your business on Amazon and gain insight into the Amazon Marketplace, tools and policies for Sellers, and the services that can help you swiftly grow your business.

Brittany Rinker, Marketplace Marketing Manager
Suzy McClintock, FBA Program Manager

12.20pm-1.00pm Optimising customer experience with AB Testing

Most online retailers today understand the importance continuous website optimization. However, the problem marketers face today is building a plan to improve customer experience and innovate strategy. We bring insights from 5000+ clients who have been testing and have been successful with us. The trends and learning will help you not make the same mistakes and create your own success story.

Speaker: Disha Ahuja, Customer Success Manager, VWO

2.00pm – 2.25pm |Customer Recovery – smart tactics for salvaging lost sales through email automation

Drawing on his learnings from 8+ years of running automated email campaigns for top Australian retailers, Simon will give his top tips for winning back lost sales opportunities.

From recovering abandoned carts to re-engaging lapsed customers, Simon will run through tactics that any online store can implement, regardless of size, budget or experience.

Speaker: Simon Byrne, Head of Client Strategy


3.55pm – 4.25pm | CRO is dead: mapping the future with Customer Journey Optimisation

This talk takes a fresh look on where CRO is going next. Join us to find out:

  • How focusing on ‘CRO as usual’ could be harming you
  • What Customer Journey Optimisation is
  • How to apply Customer Journey Optimisation to your business
  • How focusing on ‘CRO as usual’ could be harming you
  • What Customer Journey Optimisation is
  • How to apply Customer Journey Optimisation to your business

Speaker: Enzo Cavaliero, Sales Director, Yieldify

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