Agenda Day 1

Wednesday 26th July 2017 – 8.35am

DAY ONE Welcome

Alice Kuepper, Event Director, Online Retailer

8.35am – 8.45am

Ministerial Address

8:45am- 9:05am

The Thankyou Story

  • Three kids, zero experience, an idea and the crazy belief that we all have the power to change stuff
  • Tough decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves
  • Laugh at their boldness, cry at their failings and be inspired to challenge convention, and reminded that you have the power to turn your ideas into reality

Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder and MD, Thankyou

9.05am – 9.35am

International Keynote: An Holistic Approach to Embracing The Future of Retail

  • Leverage the store of the future and connect offline to your online business
  • Infuse ideas and innovation into your business with customer focused technologies
  • Increase the overall customer experience with social and community integration to enable stronger affinity with your brand

Krissie Millan, VP eCommerce and Digital Innovation, Rebecca Minkoff 

9.35am – 10.05am

International Keynote: Pioneering The Clicks-To-Bricks Phenomenon With Curated Retail Experiences

  • Reinventing retail through custom products and personalized experiences
  • On-demand manufacturing as the future of retail and how retailers can make this work for them
  • Destination retail: improving the customer experience through an omni-channel approach

Drew Green, CEO, Indochino

10.05am – 10.45am

Morning Tea, Meet the Exhibitors and Industry Catch Ups

10.45am – 11.15am

Diamond Sponsor Session presented by Oracle + Netsuite

11.15am – 12.00pm (panel) 11.30am – 12.15pm (roundtables)


During this hour, conference delegates will be able to attend roundtable discussions on the exhibition floor, or stay in the plenary room and listen to a special panel discussion (topic and speakers to be confirmed)

Power Technology Panel – Where is the World Heading – Key Considerations For Your 5 Year Technology Roadmap?

12.15pm - 1.15pm

Food for Thought in the Exhibition Hall

Advanced Marketing: Acquisition

Sponsored by Bespoke CX

Advanced Site Optimisation & Conversion

Sponsored by First

Supply Chain & Fulfilment

Sponsored by eStore Logistics

Omni-Channel Retailing

Sponsored by eStar

Online Fraud Summit

1.15pm – 1.40pm

Disrupting Search – Extreme Tactics for Boosting Discoverability

  • Break the mould and get rafts of new customers with unconventional methods
  • Tap the power of word-of-mouth to build rapid inbound traffic
  • The new order of SEO where content and social are king and queen

Martin Carlill, Managing Director, Bespoke CX


Time to bring your A/B Game

Time to bring your A/B Game

  • How to win online when you can’t compete on price, delivery times, return terms or product selection.
  • Building a better customer experience and stop being an online order taker
  • Use testing to validate major business decisions & new technologies quickly & cost effectively

Greg Storey, Head of Conversion, First NZ

Optimising Reverse Logistics for Greater Profits

  • Reduced shipping costs and delivery times utilising multiple warehouses, carriers and technology
  • How quality is assured while scaling to volume peaks
  • Sharing risks with experts to create certainty

Leigh Williams, Founder & Managing Director, eStore Logistics

What is eCommerce success? How is it delivered? And what is the relationship to the physical store?

  • Understanding your brand and how it best supports the customer journey is critical. What makes your retail brand great?
  • It’s all about the customer journey with your brand – whether they are purchasing in-store or online
  • What experience can you offer that ensures customers keep returning?

Andrew Buxton, CEO, eStar & Country Road Group (Case Study)

Panel Discussion Part 1: Current Online Fraud Trends and Strategies to Prevent Them

  • Combatting world-wide trends in card-not-present fraud

Panel members: merchant, acquirer, scheme, gateway

1.45pm – 2.10pm

Real World Attribution

  • Work out which how best to allocate your marketing spend
  • Understand how to measure the impact of disparate channels such as social, brand activities, content
  • Find out how to do this without expensive attribution software and brand panels

Mark Baartse, Chief Marketing Officer, ShowPo

5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Analyse your website to understand why your visitors are not becoming customers
  • Understand what data is useful for analysis prior to optimisation and how to perform that analysis
  • Run A/B and multivariate split testing, user testing, surveys and interviews to find out the best user experience

Speaker to be announced soon

Delivering the Ultimate Last Mile Experience

  • Track delivery and communications with you customers
  • Best practices in packaging and presentation
  • Add marketing value to your delivery and encourage social sharing

Ivan Lim, CEO & Co-Founder, Brosa

Driving More Customers Online

  • Using the speed and scale of online to grow brick and mortar businesses
  • Getting the marketing mix right; customer acquisition through Omni Channel Marketing
  • Delivering results for restaurants; driving online customers with effective Co-Marketing

Alistair Venn, Managing Director, Menulog 

Panel Discussion Part 2: Current Online Fraud Trends and Strategies to Prevent Them

  • Authentication and antifraud technology merchants in Australia (or anywhere) can use to limit their risk when engaging in online commerce

Panel members: merchant, acquirer, scheme, gateway

2.15pm – 2.40pm

The Evolution of Retail The Evolution of Retail

  •  Build a scalable platform to adapt to changes in customer behaviours and sell internationally
  • Create a customer acquisition model across brands
  • Use marketplaces to expand your reach

Carl Jackson, CEO, MySale Group

Leveraging Merchandising and Site Search to Drive Order Values Higher

  • Learn how search and personalization engines harness product data to target customer segments
  • Best practice site search techniques to shorten the path to purchase
  • Beyond the website: using search and customer data for precision campaigns and promotions

Nathan Huppatz, Founder,

Debate Panel: Is Free Shipping Sustainable?

  • Discussion about the future of shipping promotion
  • Build shipping and logistics costs into the business model
  • Future of customer service: expectation vs profitability

Jordan Muir, Co-Founder and CIO, Aussie Farmers Direct

Jethro Marks, Founder, The Nile

Moderator: Peter Knock, Online Retailer Advisory Board Member

A BluePrint for Delivering the Omni-Channel Promise

  • Build and use a single customer profile to ensure consistency across channels
  • Display real-time store-by-store inventory information on your webstore
  • Engage your customers with personalised marketing

Michael Donath, Multichannel Manager, IKEA

Panel Discussion Part 1: Trends in Authentication: Biometrics, 3DS 2.0, Behavioural Biometrics, Multifactor Authentication

  • Establishing KYC authentication to reduce risk while minimizing impact at time of initial sign up sale
  • Effective strategies for monitoring transactions to determine riskiness throughout life cycle

Panel members:  acquirer, scheme, OEM/Vendor, gateway

2.40pm – 3.30pm

Afternoon Tea Break

3.30pm – 3.55pm

Secrets to Top Notch Customer Acquisition 

  • Move away from traditional media to reduce you budget and increase ROI
  • Be engrained in your data and introduce customer into the funnel with easy techniques
  • Nurture and engage your customers until conversion

Meray Azar,  E-Commerce Operations and CRM Manager, Jeanswest

Moderator: Peter Knock, Online Retailer Advisory Board Member

Optimizing The Checkout Experience to Minimize Cart Abandonment

  • Overview of key reasons for customer cart abandonment
  • Design optimisation tips for increased conversion
  • Tools and solutions for monitoring and minimizing cart abandonment – google analytics, follow up email

Wayne Baskin, Chief Technology Officer, Booktopia

Using Click and Collect to Drive Higher Customer Value

  • Leveraging benefits beyond pick up to drive loyalty and repeat purchase
  • Create a premium in-store customer experience via click and collect
  • Use customer data and feedback to optimise their experience

Speaker to be announced soon

Debate Panel: Is Pure-Play Retailing Dead?

  • Close look at the sustainability of pure-play models
  • Why more and more online retailers are opening stores
  • Do you need a store or does the problem lie elsewhere

Irene Falcone, Founder & CEO, Nourished Life
Ben Hare, COO, Tinyme
Moderator: Jonathan Reeve

Panel Discussion Part 2: Trends in Authentication: Biometrics, 3DS 2.0, Behavioural Biometrics, Multifactor Authentication

  • Best practices specific to issues and pain points for marketplace business models

Panel members:  acquirer, scheme, OEM/Vendor, gateway

4.00pm – 4.25pm

Create to convert: Winning share of attention and wallets on Mobile

  • The digital growth imperative
  • Case study: Adidas’ market first w/ Facebook Collections
  • Disruption comes in all sizes: What it takes to compete

Rebecca Watts, Performance Marketing, adidas & Philip Bonnano, Client Partner, Facebook

Replatforming for Minimal Disruption and Maximum Results

  • Know when it’s time to upgrade systems and perform a design overhaul
  • Consider seamless transition to minimise disruption and maintain continuity of traffic and site links
  • Communicate front-end changes to your customers to drive extra traffic and conversions

Nicola Clement, Manager, Digital Experience and Channels, JetStar Airways 

How Tinyme built a compelling fulfilment proposition – thinking like the consumer

  • Recognising fulfilment as part of the brand experience
  • Matching fulfilment options to your customers expectations and customer-centric design
  • How Tinyme manages international made-to-order fulfilment from Australia

Ben Hare, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Tinyme

5 Tips to Match Your Omni-Channel Experience with Consumer Expectations

  • Understand shoppers omni-channel behaviours and expectations
  • Key tactics for ensuring your customer experience hits the mark
  • How to keep pace with changing customer demands

Angus MacDonald, General Manager Multichannel, Supercheap Auto

Panel Discussion: How to Evaluate Payments and Fraud Vendors for Your Business and Optimize Processing Costs

  • Learn how to optimize your payment costs
  • Discuss actionable strategies to control and optimize the cost of accepting online and mobile payments

Panel: acquirers and gateways

4.30pm – 5.00pm

GOLD PANEL: Reinvent Retail in The Age of The Consumer – Personalisation, Customisation, Experiential Retail

Speakers to be announced soon…

5.00pm - 5.30pm

Locknote Sponsored Session by Australia Post

Ben Franzi, General Manager eCommerce and International, Australia Post & StarTrack

5.30pm – 5.35pm

Closing Remarks by Conference Chair

5.30pm - 7.00pm

Networking Drinks in the Expo Hall

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