Agenda Day 2

Thursday 27th July 2017

9.00am - 9.10am

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Conference Chair

9.10am - 9.40am

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: What Are Venture Capitalists Really Looking For And What Do you Need Investment For?

  • Technology trends and business models that excite VC the most: What did we see on Alibaba back in 2003 and today in Wish?
  • Understand the way VC anticipate how consumers discover, shop and buy
  • Special look at the Chinese market and why GGV invested in Alibaba

Robin Li, Vice President, GGV Capital

9.40am - 10.10am

Keynote Sponsor Session Presented by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Speaker to be announced soon…

10.10am - 11.00am

Morning Tea, Meet the Exhibitors and Industry Catch Ups

11.00am - 11.30am

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Key to Success: Creating a Mobile – First Mentality

  • Build an app using a framework based on customers insights
  • Test new concepts with your customers and use the results to influence your priorities
  • Design a personalised and user tested app to increase downloads, conversion rate and demand

Kyla Robinson, Head of Mobile, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hudson’s Bay Company 

11.30am - 12.00pm

POWER TECHNOLOGY PANEL: Will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Transform Retail?

Speakers to be announced soon…

12.00pm - 1.00pm

Food for Thought in the Exhibition Hall

Advanced Marketing: Data, Loyalty and CRM

Sponsored by Emarsys

Mobile & Social Commerce

Cross-Border Expansion

Sponsored by Retail Directions

Omni-Channel Retailing

Sponsored by eStar

Online Fraud Summit

1.00pm - 1.30pm

Using Marketing Automation and Analytics to Drive Profit Optimisation

  • Find the right solutions to make your campaign easier to implement and manage
  • Use marketing automation and analytics packages to combine and integrate your demand generation, lead generation
  • Deliver advanced analysis and sales intelligence

Speaker to be announced soon…

Embracing the Rise of Influencer Marketing and Social Discovery

  • Citizen marketing – Connect with your customers directly and influence their purchasing behavior
  • Facilitate influencers’ advocacy for your brand and customers’ need for social discovery
  • Understanding the ROI of social media and influencer marketing

Rachel Taylor, Marketing Manager, Supre

Leveraging International Marketing Opportunities - Special Focus on the Chinese Market

  • Sourcing and attracting customers from new market in the most efficient way
  • Use marketplaces to establish a brand presence and build sales
  • Get traction with social media and search engine in international markets

Speaker to be announced soon…

Delivering the Ultimate Last Mile Experience

  • Track delivery and communications with you customers
  • Best practices in packaging and presentation
  • Add marketing value to your delivery and encourage social sharing

Speaker to be announced soon…

Identifying and Preventing False Positives/Unnecessary Declines

  • Managing fraud tactics
  • Expert suggestions to measure false-positive rates
  • Strategies that reduce false positives by determining and resolving the reason for e cancellation

Speaker to be announced soon…

1.30pm - 2.00pm

Attribution: Establishing A Single Customer View

  • Collect the right data from the right channels on their customers
  • Integrate customer data to develop and improve customer insights
  • Use the data for better loyalty and retentions and to engage customers across channels

Speaker to be announced soon…

Take Cross-Device Marketing By The Horns

  • Align with customers’ behaviour and deliver value and relevance at every touchpoint
  • Track consumer identity across devices
  • Measure the effectiveness of your multi-screen campaign

David Malcolm, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Marley Spoon

Tap into the US Market with Amazon

  • About the Amazon marketplace and how to set up
  • Tips and tricks for standing out and succeeding
  • Beyond Amazon: other opportunities for retailers in the US market

Speaker to be announced soon…

Omni-Channel Global Best Practices – International View

  • In depth analysis of the DNA of a good omni-channel retailer
  • Case studies on leading omni-channel retailers from US and UK
  • How to adapt international best practices to your business

Speaker to be announced soon…

Intro to CNP Fraud – SMB Session

  • Overview for young e-commerce businesses
  • Keep up with the continuously changing and evolving based on several factors.
  • Learn from the challenges that other merchants are currently facing

Speaker to be announced soon…

2.00pm - 2.30pm

Unlocking The Hidden Profits in Your Data: Taking Analytics to a New Level

  • Leverage data and analytics to drive conversion
  • Use data-driven applications to drive consumer relevance and to improve bottom line results
  • Use customer insights to improve the shopping experience and deliver personalised content

Speaker to be announced soon…

The Ultimate Social and Mobile Action Plan

  • Link social and mobile for best customer engagement
  • Communications, competitions, reviews, videos, and poles that work
  • Blur the lines between marketing, content and advertising

Speaker to be announced soon…

Globalisation – Go Global Without Forgetting Your Identity

  • Focus on community retail to tap into new markets
  • Build a strong local culture in your organization before making the overseas move
  • Listen locally and act globally

Speaker to be announced soon…

A BluePrint for Delivering the Omni-Channel Promise

  • Build and use a single customer profile to ensure consistency across channels
  • Display real-time store-by-store inventory information on your webstore
  • Engage your customers with personalised marketing

Michael Donath, Multichannel Manager, IKEA

Panel Discussion Part 1: Affirmative Response: Practical Tips for Responding to Chargebacks

  • What chargebacks should you respond to?
  • How “compelling evidence” can tilt the field in your favour

Speaker to be announced soon…

2.30pm - 3.20pm

Afternoon Tea Break

3.20pm - 3.50pm

Creating and Implementing a Winning Customer Rewards Program

  • Create a database using eBay and grow customer retention with a small budget
  • Understand and analyse the driver and needs of your customer base
  • Adding real value beyond points to drive positive behaviours from customers

Jay Bonaretti, CEO, Amino Z

Finding a Way Through the Social Apps Jungle

  • Understand the various channels and their audience and behaviours
  • Learn how to adapt relevant channels to your customer type
  • Hot trends in social commerce and how to take advantage

Speaker to be announced soon…

Establishing Cross Border Supply Chain

  • Key considerations for building out international supply chain
  • Finding the right reputable suppliers
  • Logistics models and supply chain methods for cross border success

Speaker to be announced soon…

Debate Panel: Is the Future of Pure-Play Omni-Channel?

  • Close look at the sustainability of pure-play models
  • Why more and more online retailers are opening stores
  • Do you need a store or does the problem lie elsewhere

Speaker to be announced soon…

Panel Discussion Part 2: Affirmative Response: Practical Tips for Responding to Chargebacks

  • Proven tactics to win chargebacksology

Speaker to be announced soon…

3.50pm - 4.20pm

Building and Nurturing a Community of Passionate Fans

  • Engage customers to be your de facto brand ambassadors
  • Encourage and incentivise positive word of mouth to build awareness
  • Breakdown of best practices and software tools to build digital communities

Melody & Cameron Townsend, Co-Founders & Directors, Active Creatures

Mobile Innovation and Optimisation Best Practice

  • M-Site Vs App Vs Responsive Design: what’s best
  • Keys to mobile usability and optimizing email sign up and conversion
  • Latest innovations and trends in mobile commerce

Dean Jones, CEO and Co-founder, GlamCorner

Local Vs Global – Tailor Your Website for Specific Regions

  • Understand your local market and tailor the experience to their custom
  • Centralise core content with local variances
  • Changing your marketing in each region to maximize results and engage the local audience

Paula Mitchell, General Manager eCommerce, General Pants

5 Tips to Match Your Omni-Channel Experience with Consumer Expectations

  • Understand shoppers omni-channel behaviours and expectations
  • Key tactics for ensuring your customer experience hits the mark
  • How to keep pace with changing customer demands

Speaker to be announced soon…

Optimizing Recurring Payments for Subscription Businesses

  • The importance of reporting and data analysis in subscription billing and how metrics should be measured and tracked
  • Implementing authorization optimization strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • The challenges specific to subscription merchants and strategies that maximize recurring revenue

Speaker to be announced soon…

4.20pm - 4.50pm

International Keynote - Disrupt the Disruptors: Meet a Game Changer

  • Redefine ecommerce business models to build and grow your business
  • Innovate, collaborate, create strategic partnerships and build groundbreaking initiatives
  • Continuously reinvent yourself with experiential technologies

Speaker to be announced soon…

4.50pm - 5.00pm

Closing Remarks

6.30pm - 11.30pm


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