Sydney Agenda 2018 Day 2

Thursday 26th July 2018

9.00am – 9.05am

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Conference Chair - Parkside Ballroom – Level 2 - DAY TWO WELCOME

9.05am – 9.35am

Keynote: Interview with The Iconic

How Customer Experiences Builds a Foundation of Growth

  • How to embed the customer at the center of your business
  • Mastering delivery fulfillment
  • Customers and Volume; biggest challenges to overcome

Speaker: Anna Lee, Chief Operating Officer, The Iconic

9.35am – 10.05am

Salesforce Keynote: Key Pillars of the Future of Shopping

Speakers: James Johnson, Regional Director Customer Success & Retail Practise, Salesforce
Brendan Sweeney, Group General Manager Ecommerce, Cotton On


Panel Discussion: Disruptive Technologies Panel

This panel will address the changes in how consumers discover, shop and buy , addressing the next generation of commerce both in stores and online.


Australia Post
John Menagh, Commerce Solution Specialist, Sitecore


Fiji Competition Winner Drawn

10.40am – 11.20am

Morning Tea & Networking

11.20am – 11.50am

International Keynote: Making It Personal: How Under Armour Icon Changed the Customisation Game

  • How technology has enabled UA ICON to take a more personal approach to product customization
  • Unique opportunities to engage with the consumer
  • Advantages and challenges of starting a customisation business within an established brand

Speaker: Lindsay Sturman, Director of Product Customisation, Under Armour Icon

11.50am – 12.20pm

Keynote: Omni-Channel Transformation: Myer’s Journey to Growing Their Online Presence

  • Learnings from Myer’s online journey
  • Leveraging stores to grow online business
  • Insights into the Myer Market
  • Improving MYER one through better use of customer data and improved commercial partnerships

Speaker: Mark Cripsey, COO, Myer

This keynote will be followed by a provocative fireside chat with John Winning, CEO of Winning Group, discussing:

  • The role of the physical store
  • Leadership for adversity
  • Skill sets of the future CEO of a multi-channel business

Speaker: John Winning, CEO, Winning Group


Keynote Session: The Marketplace Advantage

  • Strategic considerations for retailers selling on marketplaces
  • Global expansion opportunities through marketplaces
  • The relationship between brand / retailers and marketplaces
  • Metrics around success of retailers selling on marketplaces


Kristian Haigh, Senior Director B2C & Advertising, eBay
Nati Harpaz, CEO, Catch Group
Fabio Bertola, Country Leader, Amazon Marketplace Australia

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Food for Thought in the Exhibition Hall

Advanced Marketing : Data, Loyalty and CRM

Sponsored by Emarsys - Track : Level 3, Room 3.1

Future Shopping Experiences

Sponsored by Shopify Plus - Track 2: Level 3, Room 3.2

Cross-Border Expansion & Business Growth

Track 3: Level 3, Room 3.3

Technology Innovation

Track 4: Level 3, Room 3.4

2.00pm – 2.25pm

Human Driven Personalisation Doesn’t Scale

• Learn why and how City Beach moved beyond the human capacity to scale personalisation
• Data science, machine learning, and AI
• Explore the transformation affects it will have on the marketer’s role
• See live examples of machines scaling personalisation
• Learn why humans make machines better, not the other way around


Daniel Hagos, Regional Client Success Director, Emarsys
Michael Doyle, Head of Marketing, City Beach

Reserved for Shopify

Reserved for track sponsor

Staying Competitive in the New Era of Voice

  • The Age of Ask
  • Voice Experience (VX) and its importance the strategy and future development of brands
  • How to offer usable and simple experiences to stay ahead of your competitors

Speaker: Reserved for track sponsor

2.30pm – 2.55pm

Gaining Power Through Personalising Data

  • Analysing customer metrics and how they contribute to sales outcomes
  • Conducting ‘closed-loop’ marketing
  • How to dynamically act on customer life events as they happen
  • AI-based marketing automation technologies

Cameron Littlewood, Digital Campaign Manager, Nestle

The Future Social Obsessed Buyer

  • Millennial marketing strategies
  • Understanding the buying power of the millennial consumer
  • Understanding the behaviors of the millennial consumer

Speakers: Jane Lu, Founder and CEO, Showpo

Alyce Tran, Co-Founder, The Daily Edited


Round Table Discussion Social Responsibility in New Retail

  • Reducing the environmental impact of retail products
  • The role and expectations of consumers
  • The shift in the Australian landscape for online businesses
  • Building a business of purpose
  • Responsibility of transparency


Jeremy Meltzer, Founder & Director, i=Change


Jacquie Fegent-McGeachie, Global Director – Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Jaana Quaintance-James, Head of Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing, The Iconic
Melinda Tually, Ethical Sourcing Manager, David Jones & Director, Ndless: The New Normal
Anna-Louise, Founder, Farm to Hanger

What Blockchain Means for the Future of Digital Marketing

  • How bitcoin will change customer experience
  • How blockchain can provide transparency and accountability online
  • Using blockchain to show your customers who you are selling data to

Speaker: Sarah Razek, Head of Marketing,

2.55pm – 3:55


3.55pm – 4.25pm

From Cuddle Hormones to Testosterone Levels: What Drives the Decision Making of Your Customers?

  • Using neuroscience to build effective strategy
  • Neuroscience insights into personality types and their choices
  • How to apply emotional shortcuts into the brain for marketing, communication, conversion success

Speaker: Katharina Kuehn, Chief Strategy Officer, Winning Group

Winning Over the Tech Savvy Customer

  • Integrating valuable data to remain competitive
  • How API-led connectivity enables omnichannel retailing
  • Capturing your customer anytime, anywhere Case Study How to Gain Global Reach; The way to a Kardashian's Heart

  • Achieving international celebrity endorsements
  • Gaining interest from global media outlets
  • Tips to manufacture efficiently in China

Speaker: Olivia Carr, Founder & CEO,

Chatbots Are The Future; Get on It

  • How to implement chatbots to engage customers and improve service scalability
  • Global trends in chatbot, market share and technology
  • Traps to avoid

Speaker: Kelly Slessor, CEO & Co Founder, Shop You

4.30pm – 5.00pm

Panel discussion: Maintaining Customer Loyalty During Changing Consumer Preferences

  • Creating an integrated customer engagement program providing consistent experiences across chanells
  • Delivering a unique and consistent experience to maintain brand loyalty
  • Personalising experiences to build brand loyalty amid changes in consumer preferences
  • Blending the onshore and offshore team to maximize customer engagement through live chat


Alexandra Raymond, Customer Services Manager, Adore Beauty
Amanda Green, eCommerce Director, L’Oréal
Rhian Allen, Owner & Founder, The Healthy Mummy

Fireside Chat: Embracing the Rise of Collaborative Consumption

  • Collaboration opportunities between retailers
  • Implementing a sharing economy concept in online retail considering logistical factors and consumer preferences
  • Opportunities and challenges for tech industry in Australia
  • How a sharing economy is shaping a new way of transactions built on trust and reputation


Paul Keen, CTO, Airtasker
Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo
Panellist TBC

Attracting and Developing International Customers

  • Prioritising delivery, returns, tracking and world-class customer care
  • Localising content internationally
  • Using customer preference information to tailor content
  • Brand transparency

How Ikea Created New Shopping Experiences Across Channels

  • How to redefine the shopping experience through AR
  • Solving a customer experience problem through virtual commerce
  • Using tech to create a seamless customer experience
  • The future of blending “bricks & mortar” with Ecommerce

Speaker: Michael Donath, Multichannel Manager, Ikea

6.30pm – 11.30pm

Australia Post ORIAS, Grand Ballroom

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