Sydney Agenda 2018 Day 1

Wednesday 25th July 2018

9.00am – 9.10am

Welcome by Alice Kuepper, Event Director, Online Retailer

Parkside Ballroom – Level 2

9.10am – 9.40am

Australia Post Keynote Session: Disruption and Innovation in Logistics and Fulfilment

Speaker: Gary Starr, Executive General Manager, Business and Government, Australia Post

9.40am – 10.20am

International Keynote: Reinventing Traditional Business Models – The Evolution of Netflix

  • Learn how Netflix was established and was able to preserve a culture of innovation throughout the years
  • The challenges that no one knew about
  • The evolution of how Netflix disrupted its own business model by moving away from manual processes and using data
  • How Netflix uses AI to personalise experiences and develop new products

Speaker: Mitch Lowe, Co-Founding Executive, Netflix

Mitch Lowe’s keynote will be followed by a dynamic fireside chat discussing:

  • The rise of the subscription based model including the conception of Mitch’s new business venture, Movie Pass
  • The future of online retailing and the challenges going forward

10.20am– 11.10am


11.10am – 11.40pm

International Keynote: Global Tech Investments: A VC’s Perspective

  • An overview of the key global tech investments trends within the value chain of retail, supply chain and logistics
  • Gain a clear vision of the role that tech startups play in shaping the retail industry of the future
  • Key Investment areas to look out for

Speaker: Janie Yu, Partner, Fung Capital


International Keynote with Consumer Shopping Behaviour Expert: Winning in the Digital Economy

• Principles of the digital economy and what this means for customer behavior
• The evolution of location as a cornerstone of retail
• A practical framework on how to win in the digital economy (with examples from my investments, bonobos, Harry’s, Warby and many others)

Speaker: David Bell, Xinmei Zhang & Yongge Dai Professor, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School


Food for Thought in the Exhibition Hall

Advanced Marketing: Acquisition

Track 1: Level 3, Room 3.1

Advanced Site Optimisation & Conversion (Sponsored by First)

Sponsored by First - Track 2: Level 3, Room 3.2

Selling On Marketplaces (Sponsored by ChannelAdvisor)

Track 3: Level 3, Room 3.3

Omni-Channel Retailing (Sponsored by eStar)

Sponsored by eStar - Track 4: Level 3, Room 3.4

Payments and Cyber Security (Sponsored by eWAY)

Track 5: Level 3: Room 3.9

1.00pm – 1.25pm

Using Storytelling to Increase Conversion

  • Combining creative storytelling with channels to attract and impress new customers
  • Nuances of branded content to drive conversions higher

*Speaker: Reserved for track sponsor

How to best understand your audience for improved targeting and personalisation

• What does optimisation mean in today’s context.
• Why be audience first.
• How to align your value propositions with consumers values.
• What does audience first entail for an organisation.
• When and how to use machine learning to help with decision making.
• How we use ML, Analytics and CRO together to improve audience targeting, personalisation and ultimately customer life time value

Speaker: Stefan Poninghaus, Digital Data Scientist, First

Success in a Post-Amazon Landscape: How Marketplaces Have Changed the Face of Retail and How to Leverage this Opportunity

  • eBay, Catch, Amazon and more- What’s new and what’s next?
  • Prime and FBA- What this means for consumers and retailers
  • What we can learn from the overseas marketplace experience
  • How marketplaces have changed the way your consumer shops
  • Practical tips to ensure your ecommerce strategy can leverage marketplace growth

Speaker: Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisor’s Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor

Topic TBC


Speaker: Andrew Buxton, CEO, Estar

Payments and Cyber Security; Tips and Trends

• Expand your online business globally by using analytics tools to stop fraud in realtime
• Engaging every level of the business to prevent fraud
• Latest payment fraud insights and tools to secure your website

Speaker: Stuart McFarland, Program Manager, eWAY

1.30pm – 1.55pm

Building on Brand Momentum to Drive Growth

• How to use data and technology to break through to customers
• Finding the 1% that separates you from your competitors
• Developing new markets and personalising your brand to appeal to new audiences

Live Website Review Session

Take this opportunity to have your website reviewed by an expert and ask all questions needed to optimise your online presence


Wayne Baskin, Deputy CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Booktopia
Nathan Huppatz, Co-Founder,
Jason Kencevski, CEO, Speedmaster

Maintaining your Brand Position Whilst Leveraging Marketplaces

  • Adapting your digital content and products to differentiate yourself in the market
  • Managing consistency of brand image throughout various e-commerce platforms
  • Understanding marketplace customers and adapting your offerings

Speakers: Joy Leaper, Co-Founder, Sun Bear Sunscreen & Jackson Moss, Business Director, Sun Bear Sunscreen

Delighting Customers Through Physical Touch Points

  • Building meaningful connections through personalised experiences
  • Cultivating one-on-one interactions in a pure-player environment
  • Experiential retail; how to innovate your products

Speaker: Phoebe Yu, CEO, Ettitude

Get to Know your Fraudster : Live Hack Demonstration

Speaker: Christian Heinrich, Ethical Hacker

2.00pm – 2.25pm

Reserved for Red Balloon

Speaker: Brett Raven, CIO, Big Red Group

Live Website Review Session

Take this opportunity to have your website reviewed by an expert and ask all questions needed to optimise your online presence


Wayne Baskin, Deputy CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Booktopia
Nathan Huppatz, Co-Founder,
Jason Kencevski, CEO, Speedmaster

The Future of Marketplaces

Reserved for Marketplacer

Panel Discussion: Inventing New Rules in an Established Industry

  • Digitising in store
  • Optimising in store to cater to international shoppers through implementing options such as Alipay and WeChat Pay
  • Providing transparency across all channels through unified commerce
  • Innovation and human interaction


Laura Doonin, GM of Digital, Pharmacy 4 Less
Shane Lenton, CIO, Cue Clothing
Kate Langford, GM, Big W

Trends, Tips and Tools to Counter Payment Fraud

• AusPayNet 2017 Industry Fraud Statistics
• Overview of key fraud trends on Australian Cards
• Industry activities to reduce fraud

Speaker: Lucy Anderson, Head of Payments Innovation, Australian Payments Network

2.25pm – 3.15pm

Afternoon Tea Break

3.15pm – 3.40pm

Machine Learning: The Changing Face of Customer Experience


Speaker: Renee Gamble, Industry Leader Retail, Tech, Telco & Energy, Google

UX Excellence in a Mobile First Environment

Take this opportunity to have your website reviewed by an expert and ask all questions needed to optimise your online presence

• Creating technologies around app and mobile first consumers
• Tips and tricks to tapping into emotion to continue to delight your customer
• Adapting to changes caused by competition and aligning your strategy to keep up with demands

Speaker: Levi Aron, Country Manager, Deliveroo

Maximising the Use of Marketplaces in your Online Strategy

• Identifying what marketplaces will suit your business
• Understanding the challenges, and how to solve them
• Exploring all available payment options
• Best available automation tools and how to utilize them
• Top tips to ensure a smooth journey

Speaker: Nathan Huppatz, Co Founder,

Best Practice in Cross Channel Logistics

  • Integrating online and offline inventory
  • Integrated shopping cart, inventory and payments platform

Speaker: Adrian Mckenzie, Senior Manager of eCcomerce, EB Games

Click Frenzy Case Study : Beware the Cheats; How Proxys and Bots are Used to Squeeze Out Customers

  • Insights on how bots are used to disrupt shopping carts and swipe sale items
  • Your rights and how to prevent bots from cheating other customers

Speaker: Grant Arnott, Co-Founder, Click Frenzy

3.45pm – 4.20pm

Panel Discussion: Managing Expectations of your Future Customer; Millennials and Customer Experience


Sean Hatter, Head of Marketing, UPS
Rachel Kelly, Head of Marketing and Sales, Afterpay
Rohan Lock, Regional Director APAC, Dotmailer

4.20pm – 4.55pm

Keynote Session AI – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

• Do you really need AI to save your business?
• Should you worry whether your job is at risk?
• How to manage AI to gain an edge on your competitors

Speaker: Andrew Gorecki, Managing Director, Retail Directions

4.55pm – 5.00pm

Wrap up of Day One by Seko Logistics

5.00pm – 7.00pm

Business At The Bar Networking Drinks (Sponsored by Seko Logistics)

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