Tom Probert

Tom Probert

Head of Sales & Marketing

After starting his career in FMCG and working with household brands such as Tip Top Ice Cream, Colgate Palmolive and Lindt Chocolate Tom made the move to services marketing in 2011 when he joined British Gas.

His time at British Gas saw him responsible for Product Development for Tenants before moving to head up marketing for their Home Services subsidiary Dyno. With 85 franchise operators across Plumbing, Drains and Heating, his time in Dyno saw him totally rebuild their website and digital acquisition funnel as well as developing a branded toolkit for franchisees to drive localised marketing efforts across the UK.

The lure of a return to NZ was strong and in mid 2016 he returned to Wellington to lead the Sales, Marketing and Design teams for Powershop NZ. His current role sees him ultimately responsible for driving Powershop’s sales and brand growth in both Residential and B2B markets.

Outside of his day job he has also spent considerable time working on the charity Alive and Kicking and recent efforts saw them pick up Rebrand of the Year at the 2016 The Drum awards.

I have always been fascinated with what makes people tick and realised during my time at University that by understanding people and their motivations you have an amazing opportunity to affect change. From the moment I realised that, Marketing felt like an obvious career path.

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