Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

Head of Marketing

Nick recently started as Head of Marketing for Melbourne IT Group’s SMB division that includes Netregistry, Webcentral, Melbourne IT and their newly acquired digital marketing arm, WME. Their objective is to make every small business succeed online.

After studying Marketing & IT, Nick realised there was a need to translate technology into tangible benefits that help consumers. Since his early days in advertising, Nick has held leadership roles across Marketing, Sales & Product; he now specialises in revenue marketing, the discipline where marketing delivers measurable revenue through repeatable programs that generate leads, manage pipelines and deliver sales – it’s something he’s done for over 20-years for some of the world’s leading technology brands that include Cisco, HP, IBM, Samsung and Sony.

Nick believes that technology has not only opened up a global marketplace with more choice and more informed consumers than ever before, but that it’s also core to a successful business finding, keeping and growing the right customers.

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