Melody & Cameron Townsend

Melody & Cameron Townsend

Co-Founder and Director

Getting married years earlier was a commitment, but when Melody and Cameron brought home their first puppy, Conan the Weimaraner, it was real life responsibility.

And it was during this time, while each embarked on careers across different industries and roles that Melody and Cameron started to plan how they would bring their passion for building a company to life.

In August 2014, Active Creatures was found. Initially appealing to women looking for active wear and dance clothing, the company has continued to evolve into what it is today: a luxury sports clothing brand for creatures on two feet and four.

Selling directly to consumers and via retailers, Active Creatures makes stylish, comfortable active wear for women, and beautifully designed jackets, coats and accessories for dogs.
An undeniable pivot. And the essence of Australian start-up culture; get in there, get started and keep pivoting until you can mark your territory.

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