Laura Doonin

Laura Doonin

GM Digital

Responsible for leading digital strategy and innovation.

Laura has a proven track record in growing and transforming retail businesses, with a focus on fashion, to meet the fast evolving expectations of customers through omni-channel and global strategies.

Challenging the status quo in traditional retail with the hope to shape the future of retail in Australia. No more offline and online separation, it’s all just retail.

Bricks and mortar is not dead however traditional marketing approaches may well be. Organisations must evolve to meet technology advancements in the consumer journey.

Alongside Laura’s background in all things tech and retail, having worked for some of the biggest global companies including eBay and Pitney Bowes, she is also a leader in the health and wellness industry. You can find her teaching yoga and fitness classes in Fitness First NSW. Laura’s motto is that there is no dichotomy between work and life. Life is life.

An active speaker and contributor who has been featured in Women In Tech, Retail Global, Thrive Global.

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