Jeremy Meltzer

Jeremy Meltzer

Founder & Director

Jeremy Meltzer is the Founder of i=Change – a revolutionary Australian tech startup, disrupting online retail to empower women and girls

i=Change has created a new model for e-commerce. What began 5 years ago as an idea at 3am, has grown into a powerful and disruptive retail platform.

The formula is simple: Participating retailers give back $1 with every sale. Customers get to choose where it goes. They can also track its impact in real-time, with 100% transparency.

Now with iconic brands on board, i=Change has raised almost $700,000 and counting, impacting the lives of over 135,000 women and girls in 14 countries, for causes ranging from ending trafficking in Cambodia, preventing underage marriage in Bangladesh, keeping girls in school in Rwanda, and providing safe housing for refugee women in Australia.

Jeremy explains why ‘business for purpose’ – as a movement led by millennials – is growing so quickly and why every business, to remain competitive and unlock new revenues, must now in their own authentic and transparent way, have a purpose beyond product.

Jeremy shares a deeply inspiring journey while highlighting the global movement
and powerful opportunity to give back – and the business case for doing so.

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