Procrastinating about entering the ORIAS?

Procrastinating about entering the ORIAS?

By Jo Harris, Co-Founder, Hunting for George (winners of Best Small Independent Retailer Award at the ORIAS in 2017)

Still procrastinating about entering the Australia Post Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS)? There is still time to sneak in a submission, so read on to see what we at Hunting for George have gained from the experience.


Whether you are a small or large business, most people would agree heads are usually down getting through the million and one things on our to do list. It is in the time taken to step back and reflect where new energy and direction can be found.  The application process for any awards is the perfect time to do this, and why not get some recognition for it at the same time!


Evolution within your business should never stop. High fives for achievement are awesome, but also seeing new opportunities or learnings are a great way to grow. The introduction to other businesses in the ORIAS and what they are doing well is awesome to see. Be inspired!


You have seen who else is involved, now go introduce yourself! Networking at an ORIAS event is so much fun. There are plenty of great people in the Ecommerce world that have plenty to offer, so get out there and meet them!

Brand Exposure

There is nothing like seeing a room full of people with heads down googling your business. Hmmmmm…. Hunting for George?? If your name is mentioned in the finals and flashes up on screen, this is awesome brand exposure and a great way to get people talking about you.

Team Morale

We love our team and couldn’t be where we are without them. Seeing your business nominated, possibly making the finals or even winning an award, is all recognition to the hard working gang surrounding you. High fives all round and dream big for the fun times ahead.

Hunting for George scooped the Best Small Independent Retailer Award at the ORIAS in 2017. Entries are open until Friday 4 May – find out more here.

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