An Online Retailer New Zealand Retrospective

An Online Retailer New Zealand Retrospective

Margaret Bosworth, Marketing Manager ANZ, Sealed Air recently attended Online Retailer New Zealand, where she spoke about re-imagining the at-home brand experience, addressing customer retention, e-commerce best practice and so much more. Margaret’s involvement at Online Retailer New Zealand brought with it an array of different learnings and takeaways and we want you to get a little taste, right here, right now…

ORNZ: Why is it important for you to be involved with Online Retailer New Zealand?

M: It was important for Sealed Air to be involved with Online Retailer New Zealand to drive awareness of our brand and engage and connect with the NZ e-commerce community. We also want to bring value to this community. Based on ongoing research and nearly six decades of being ‘on the inside’ of manufacturers, retailers, logistics providers, small business and being inside the homes of consumers – packaging innovation can deliver a distinct competitive advantage for online retailers, both through improved operational profits and enhanced brand experience. With the explosive growth and evolving e-commerce landscape, I believe that opportunities will be harnessed and impending challenges will be solved with innovations and partnerships.

ORNZ: What was your favourite part of the show?

M: My favourite part of the show was being immersed amongst the great and passionate minds of the NZ e-commerce community – learning something new, discussing challenges and opportunities. 

ORNZ: What learnings from the show will you take with you back to the office?

M: One key learning is that customer experience is very much top of mind for online retailers. However the focus for customer experience is typically at the front end in ensuring a sticky and user-friendly website. What brand owners often overlook is that the actual at-home experience is a critical point of customer contact. It’s important to extend the online shopping experience right through to the “last moment of truth” – opening the package.

ORNZ: What excites you about your industry and what’s the number one learning you swear by?

M: What excites me is that in general, online retailers are nowhere close to tapping the potential for impactful, emotional and stimulating at-home experiences. This is an exciting proposition and the new frontier for customer experience in e-commerce.

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