Our Story

WE, Online Retailer, return to New Zealand bringing an event lineup that focuses on equipping the local audience with the practical tools and savvy skills to maximize time, stretch that budget and utilize resources to deliver an outstanding customer experience – from start to end.

Your Story

YOU work in the online retail space – whether it be across the retail, travel, finance, hospitality, fashion, IT or insurance industries – your role is critical within your team to deliver an exceptional level of buying experience.

What Can We Do Together

TOGETHER we aim to collaborate through content, expert teachers and savvy solution providers, in order to understand how to change our day-to-day tactics to ensure your business is WHERE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS FIRST

What Solutions We Can Offer

  • How to understand your customer and deliver seamless experiences
  • How to create a customer centric culture and embrace an omni-channel vision
  • How to set business up for international success
  • How to grasp a glimpse into the future of retail
  • How to leverage data collection and analytics
  • How to get customers to take the desired action on a website
  • How to drive more traffic to their websites and offer unforgettable customer service
  • How to win at email marketing and personalisation: what to do with all that data
  • How to make social media and mobile profitable
  • How to optimise shipping for greater profits


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