Interview: Making Digital the DNA of Your Brand

Interview: Making Digital the DNA of Your Brand

Mark Baartse is currently the CMO of Showpo, where he leads the global growth of the fashion ecommerce retailer – backed by a wealth of knowledge from 20+ years of online experience across top websites in 3 countries. We recently caught up with Mark ahead of his session at Online Retailer New Zealand, read on …

You will be speaking at Online Retailer New Zealand 2018 covering the topic of making digital the DNA of your brand. Why do you think it’s so important to be across this in your business?

As a pureplay ecommerce company, Showpo is of course digitally led in our activities. But we need to go a bit deeper than this. The word “brand” is used in a very abstract way, quite separate from the world of digital. But they don’t have to be that way. We can align our technical, digitally-led activities with our brand and make them play nicely together. It’s a real win-win scenario. It’s a work in progress at Showpo, but I’m excited about it and look forward to sharing our experiences to date.

In the age of the impatient customer, do you see personalised marketing playing a crucial role in keeping up with these demands?

“Personalised marketing” has become such a buzz word, but it is poorly defined. Let’s replace the word “personalised” with “relevant” and it becomes a bit more meaningful. Everyone knows we are in a world where attention is an increasingly scarce economy. The more relevant the messaging we send an individual – on site and off site – the more likely we are to capture their attention. Given different people find different things relevant, we need to personalise those messages.

Is it all out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new or do traditional marketing strategies still have a place in ecommerce today?

Many people have thrown out traditional marketing strategies and can’t see the relevance in the digital world. But traditional marketing is really about a deep understanding of the customer. There’s no such thing as digital marketing. There’s marketing, one of the outputs of which may be digital advertising and communication. People skip to the what without asking the why, and this can be dangerous.

Which session at Online Retailer New Zealand are you most interested in hearing?

I’m really interested to hear what Greg Storey has to say about the last mile experience. It’s such an important part of ecommerce and we’ve found improving the last mile experience has direct increases in revenue. I would love some fresh thinking on this subject.

Early Bird tickets are now on sale for Online Retailer New Zealand, which will be held in Auckland on 9 March 2018. Join us to ‘Ride the Next Wave of Customer Experience’.  You can view the full agenda here.

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