Game of Phones is Now Streaming at Online Retailer

Game of Phones is Now Streaming at Online Retailer

Game of Phones is Streaming at Online Retailer 2017
A couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely lunch hosted by Australian Payments Network (previously APCA) and NORA. Special guest of the lunch was Leila Fourie, APCA’s CEO, whose knowledge and vision left everyone excited about the future of retail.During her speech, Leila explained that we now all have to play the “Game of Phones”, as smart devices are going to dominate digital payments in the near future.

“The payments industry is changing rapidly. Payment options are becoming more integrated, intuitive and frictionless. Payments are becoming invisible. Purchasing a good or service will be almost as simple as selecting it. The days of forgetting your wallet will soon be long gone. If you do forget your wallet, you can pay through your phone, your FitBit or your sunglasses. Consumers are increasingly demanding to be hyperconnected, and place a high value on convenience.” Dr Leila Fourie, Chief Executive Officer Australian Payments Network (previously APCA)

Smartphones are taking over, so let’s take a step back and understand what “Game of Phones” really means for retailers.

1. According to the 2016 Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, with more than four out of five people owning a device, Australia is one of the leading countries in the world for smartphone uptake.

2. PayPal’s MCommerce Index shows that while 71% of Australian consumers use mobile devices for payments, 49% of business websites are not mobile optimised.

3. The ‘Digital in 2017’ report, put together by Hootsuite and We Are Social, shows that we have now reached 16 million Australians on social media and that 57% of those users are accessing it from mobile devices.

4. CISCO predicts that smartphones will account for 81% of mobile data traffic worldwide by 2020.

If 4 out of 5 people own a device, that’s 80% of the Australian population, so around 19 MILLION PEOPLE. 19 million possible humans that you can try and delight with amazing products and experiences and that might chose YOU for their next digital purchase. And just in this country!

With the advent of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, voice search and augmented/virtual reality, consumers are becoming more and more in control, connected, and looking for easy and convenient experiences.
So hear me out: if you don’t have a mobile strategy, start running! Your homework for the week is that if you want to survive in this hyperconnected world, you MUST create a clear mobile strategy for your business, which aligns and integrates with your e-commerce strategy.

In 2017, mobile conversion will become standard, and business will become more and more mobile-first oriented. To understand what it really means to be mobile centric, Online Retailer this year has gathered a great array of national and international speakers, whose businesses are excelling at mobile centricity: Sacks Fifth Avenue, Rebecca Minkoff, Booktopia, Marley Spoon, JetStar and many more.

On top of it, we have introduced a stream dedicated to online fraud, which will cover topics related to digital transactions and the future of mobile payments. So what are you waiting for? Check out our agenda, our speakers, and book your tickets today!

If you have any questions about the conference or the ticket pricing, please contact:

David Batty at or, 02 9422 2021

or, Michael Berdon at or 02 9422 2941.

I look forward to seeing you all at Online Retailer on July 26-27.

Fed xx

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