5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Optimisation

5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ahead of her presentation at Online Retailer Sydney in July, Amy shares with us her top tips for increasing conversion rate optimisation.

As COO of The SOL Group, Amy McWaters oversees the operations of five gift websites – thehamperemporium.com.au, giftsaustralia.com.au, everythingbutflowers.com.au, mensgiftstore.com.au, and thebabygiftstore.com.au, producing hampers in the thousands and dispatching all product out of their Sydney warehouse.

Embody your customer

It seems pretty obvious, but do you regularly navigate your site to identify the things that are confusing, take time, don’t look great, are inaccurate, or add unnecessary steps to your ultimate goal, a customer purchase?
Just the other day I was in a meeting with one of our courier Account Managers, and was showing him our shipping options at checkout. I panicked when it took him a few seconds to grasp what each of the three options had to offer. It is within those few vital seconds (milliseconds even!) that a customer may decide it’s all too hard and will abandon their purchase.
Straight after the meeting I made adjustments and cut down on the wording. This is no small feat across 5 websites with 12 shipping options on each, but is critical in helping to convert even a fraction more sessions which can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Use your data, and use it wisely

Data is endless – I could spend days and days mining the depths of Google Analytics alone! With so much available, it’s important to determine what’s most relevant to you, your business and your priorities. I’ve certainly spent my fair share of time barking up wrong trees in the past.
Examples of questions we’ve asked ourselves and actioned, based on data:
• Why do overseas users convert at a much higher rate than Australian users?
• How can we get our category pages to convert as high as our homepage, as a landing page?
• What’s causing dropout when the customer reaches the gift messaging page?

Measure your progress

If a customer picks up the phone to ask you a question, it means they are likely to have encountered a roadblock on your site. Perhaps they can’t find the delivery information they need, or they’re wanting to know the dimensions of a product.
The customer who calls may represent 1 out of 20 who encountered the same roadblock, and for the remaining 19, rather than going through the inconvenience of calling they will simply leave your site. That one person who calls is gold dust!
Every month we record and analyse the top 5 reasons for calls, and add or adjust information on the sites to try and reduce those types of calls in the following months. It’s certainly rewarding to measure the success of our actions.

Look to the best of the best for inspiration and advice

It’s almost 3 years since I started working in online retail and I’m continually blown away by the generous sharing of information between retailers. Never before have I experienced such a culture of support, particularly from the bigger players for the smaller/growing retailers.
At an industry event recently, we were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some great conversion optimisation advice from Wayne Baskin, CTO-turned-Deputy-CEO of Booktopia (who also happened to win Best Mobile Commerce at the ORIAs last year), and that small change has had a big impact on our conversion. Be open to these little gems of advice – you never know when they’re going to show up!

AB test the sh*t out of it

It’s easy to make a change based on what you’d personally prefer as a shopper, but there’s really only one way to know for sure if a change is having the desired effect.
Some important things to remember:
• Test one variable at a time otherwise you won’t truly know what’s responsible for the result.
• Run the test long enough and through enough users for a decent and true result.
• You can AB test ANYTHING – keep an open mind!
• Use a testing platform that produces relevant quality reporting that’s easy to understand.

If you’d like to hear more specifics on what has and hasn’t worked for us when it comes to conversion, come and see me at Online Retailer Sydney where I’ll be presenting 5 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Optimisation.

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