Why winning an ORIA has helped Disrupt Sports…disrupt!

Why winning an ORIA has helped Disrupt Sports…disrupt!

DisruptSports.com is a newcomer to the Australian Online retail scene and a year before winning an ORIA, I was sitting in my bedroom ferrying surfboards to customers waiting at my apartment door.

They turned up in increasing number with a wad of cash at 7am on a Saturday mornings. It was humble beginning but like all start-ups, you have to start somewhere.

Or mission has only strengthened over time, to create the world’s best customised sports equipment and to live by our key values of creativity, innovation and quality.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing and when you’re working 12hour days, it’s sometimes hard to remember to take a step back. The ORIAs gave us a chance to do just that.

Here are my top benefits:

Company moral
Start-ing ups is one the hardest most mentally, and at times physically challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m so appreciative of the team and their consistent hard work, their drive to achieve more with less and how empowered they make their customers. To them, winning an ORIA was a testament and recognition that they are pushing in the right direction, that their hard work is being recognised by their peers and gives them a renewed sense of purpose.

I am constantly impressed by the willingness of the leaders in the industry to give their time to new and smaller players. Many big name owners, brands and managers introduced themselves after we won, offered words of advice and even invited us to their offices to see the processes they have put in place as they scaled.

Over time they ask you questions over email and you do the same. Everyone feels that we are in this together, which helps open doors and get deals done.

The ORIAs winners’ logo on a website or a presentation helps get more meetings, helps make people listen to what you’re trying to achieve and ultimately makes customers more comfortable in making a decision to work with you or purchase from you.

Drives ideas
At the gala as they scroll through the categories, from pop-ups, to platforms and products, it’s a chance to review everyone’s hard work over the last year. It inspires you to drive harder and it’s also an opportunity to collide ideas together.

Live a little. Dust that suit off, shine your shoes and do that bow-tie, as a business owner and start-up , it’s not that often you get to enjoy a night off with people you admire and respect.

Turn your phone off and grab a glass of bubbles.

See you on the dance floor!
Gary Elphick, CEO, DistruptSports.com

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